Eat Penang It Tastes So Good

Eat Penang It Tastes So Good

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Eat Penang it tastes so good is a quote that poses the question; What can be said about Penang food that hasn't already been said by gastronomic aficionados such as Anthony Bourdain?

Actually when in Penang the less said the better, you just want to get on with the eating, it tastes that good!

However, what was interesting about Bourdains' mini gastronomical tour of Penang was his love for street food.

We discovered he has a penchant for laksa at a street market in Ayer Hitam and Penangs famous char kway teow at a food stall on New Lane.

Penangites have long known the fantastic fayre available on the streets of this island so much so that it has gained momentum and Penang has become the food destination of choice in Malaysia.

I used Xara graphic software to create this image quote; The map outline was cut out using the shape tool, while the the text uses the Narkism font combining the 3 colours of the Penang island flag.

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