Real Food Doesn't Have Ingredients, Real Food Is Ingredients

Real Food Doesn't Have Ingredients, Real Food Is Ingredients

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Real food doesn't have ingredients real food is ingredients; Jamie Oliver slamming the processed food industry who are only interested in profit and not your health

I'm surprised that not enough people are alarmed about the twentieth century processed food revolution that coincided with the increased level of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

In centuries past before processed food people used to eat produce from their local vicinity and it was all naturally grown or reared without the addition of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and synthetic formulations. You could argue that life expectancy was less than today but that is more to do with hygiene and modern medicine than their food intake.

Both the processed and fast food industries employ scientists to add artificial tastes to food that once a youngsters tries he will crave for more. This has turned generations of kids into fast food junkies, these big corporations are not interested in the long term health of their consumers they are only interested in creating products that the population crave so they keep coming back for more. The crisp and savoury snack industry is a perfect example of this practice.

The science of food is a massive industry with new facts changing on what seems like a monthly basis depending on which corporation is supplying the cheque to the scientist promoting the latest food fad.

The raw truth is all anyone really needs is real food because as Jamie Oliver has so rightly stated; "Real food doesn't have ingredients real food is ingredients".

What was true about food 200 years ago is still the best nutritional advice anyone could receive today and that is to buy local fresh produce every day to feed your family.

If you can buy local organic food it is even better because all the big supermarket fruit and vegetables will have been grown with herbicides and pesticides, small farmer markets are some of the best sources for this type of food.

Organic food may cost more but long term you will probably save a lot on medical bills because your overall health will be maintained much longer because of your healthy diet.

What Is Real Food

Real food is natural it does not come in a can with a false narrative label like 'natural'. Real food is grown in the ground in the form of vegetables, crops, fruits, nuts and seeds. Real food can also come from animals grazing on natural grasses and also the various dairy by products of farm animals.

The labeling on manufactured or processed food usually gives a part description of the ingredients of the product. Weasel words like 'healthy option' or 'all natural' or 'low fat' do not disclose all the information, these words usually focus on one ingredient of the many ingredients in the factory food product.

Low fat does not describe the type of fat used in a factory food product, saturated fats like trans fats are unhealthy while unsaturated fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in olive oil are a more healthy option.

All manufactured food products will have an ingredients list, usually in small letters that are difficult to read, real food does not have an ingredient list because it is real food.

Jamie Oliver is doing tremendous good by promoting good nutrition and encouraging people to go back to basics of eating real food. Jamie Olivers quote; "Real food doesn't have ingredients real food is ingredients" is the banner headline that should be shared so everyone can get the message about living healthily through a real food diet.

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