Always Aim To Be The Diner And Not The Lunch

Always Aim To Be The Diner And Not The Lunch

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Always aim to be the diner and not the lunch, a fish eat fish quote meaning it's better to be at the top of the food chain than at the bottom.

Dog eat dog is the canine variety of this quote although it has a very evolutionary connotation to it with the survival of the fittest fish, or in this case the biggest fish, at its heart.

The biggest shark at the top of this particular food chain has what I would describe as a schadenfreude smirk on his fish face that demonstrates the arrogance of his lofty position in the aquatic eco-system that he resides.

The other fish wear a look of instinctive survival while the biggest shark wears a look of satisfied anticipation at the prospect of his days lunch.

It's kind of like he knows he will always be the diner at this feasting table and never the lunch.

I love the original image by Frits Ahlefeldt, it conjured many quote ideas in my mind, including the survival of the fittest fish as I coined it here.

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