You Don't Need A Silver Fork To Eat Good Food

You Don't Need A Silver Fork To Eat Good Food

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You Don't Need A Silver Fork To Eat Good Food; Here's celebrity creole chef and New Orleans restaurateur Paul Prudhomme delivering this good food truth.

Good food is one of lifes' great levellers, it doesn't matter if it is street food or celebrated restaurant food if it tastes good.

Food snobbery can come in many forms from the would be connoisseur dissecting menus down to the ingredient level to the decor and utensils snob who can criticise everything from imaginary uncleanliness to a misplaced fork on a table.

For me, being based in Malaysia I find myself regularly frequenting street food vendors that are probably the antithesis of the environment so appreciated by the food snob.

Although I still like the occasional fine dining experience I feel much more at home getting my fingers sticky on a rickety table of a KL or Penang street diner.

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