Eat Melaka Love Malaysia

Eat Melaka Love Malaysia

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Eat Melaka Love Malaysia is a quote that sums up the tasty cuisine of this historical Malaysian state. With it being the home of Asam Tumis and Asam Pedas to name but two, it gives you a mouth watering idea of the delightful gastronomical experience you will savour on your next visit.

Melakas' history with the Malay, Chinese and European influences has dictated its cuisine with some awesomely tasty flavours cooked up through the years in the melting pot of ethnic recipes in the historic old town of Melaka.

The baba nyonya influence in the kitchens of Melaka is legendary and a small Portuguese community that is here until this day definitely adds some diversity not seen in the other regions of Malaysia.

This was a logo I created for a restaurant in Penang called Mama Lissa's that specialised in Melaka cuisine, sadly it is no longer operating.

It seemed a waste to leave it gathering pixel dust on a hard drive so I contacted the owner of the logo who allowed me to alter it for Quoteikon.

The background of this image is a banana leaf which is synonymous with Malaysian cooking and the fork and spoon had their backgrounds removed before being placed either side of the quote.

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