Like Laksa Love Malaysia

Like Laksa Love Malaysia

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Like Laksa love Malaysia; One of the best things about travelling is trying all the different foods available in each country.

To any gastronome worth his salt a visit to Malaysia is to experience the best of what Asia has to offer from the cuisines of India, China and Malaysia.

On any voyage of gastronomic discovery throughout the culinary delight that is Malaysia one dish really sticks out and that is Laksa.

Laksa is a Malay and Chinese fusion dish that has many different varieties, the two most common types are Asam Laksa and Curry Laksa.

Both dishes feature noodles with curry laksa having a coconut curry soup base and asam laksa having a more sour fish stock base.

There are a multitude of different ingredients added to this tasty dish with varieties seemingly changing on a geographical basis with many regions claiming their laksa as the best.

Whenever in Malaysia you simply must hunt down eateries that specialise in this delightful dish.

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