Eat Penang You Know You Want To

Eat Penang You Know You Want To

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Eat Penang you know you want to; Once the Penang food bug bites you you become addicted, it makes you just want to dive in and totally gorge yourself.

After all Penang has been dubbed the food capital of Malaysia so it is easy to understand why once you have indulged in the fantastic fayre on offer on this island state.

Penangs reputation for great food stems from the diverse range of ethnic Asian cuisine on offer.

There have been so many cultural influences to the demographic of Penang that it just had to rub off in the kitchens and recipes on offer on this island state.

The street food is where it's really at in Penang though and the rich street side cuisine can be witnessed throughout the streets of Georgetown and across the whole island.

This is one stop off that should be penciled in for any self respecting back packing tour of SE Asia.

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