Freedom is being you without anyones permission

Freedom Is Being You Without Anyone's Permission

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Freedom is being you without anyone's permission is the ever elusive thought of you and all your friends realising this, but how many really achieve this complete level of freedom?

Everyone likes to display a certain amount of individuality but sometimes society or the general accepted way of thinking can rein in the freedom to express yourself.

Home is the domain where you are totally free (spouse permitting) to express yourself whether it be walking around in your pyjamas all day or dressing up in the latest gimp suit that was bought discreetly online.

Home is the refuge free from prying eyes where you are the person who decides what happens and when it happens, this is where you can act out your freedoms.

When you go out to work you dress up for it, if you work in an office you would wear a shirt and tie, if you work in a factory you would probably wear overalls.

Similarly if you attend a social function you would wear the attire you deem most appropriate for the function you are attending.

Are these the actions of a free mind deciding what fashion items they want to wear or are these the actions of someone dressing to impress someone else by conforming to their ideas?

How many people are truly free to be themselves without anyones permission or conforming consent?

Another wonderful Harry Clarke illustration that conjures so many images and ideas in my mind.

I chose this anonymous quote because the overwhelming word in my mind inspired by this classic image was freedom.

Image by Harry Clarke from the book Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

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"Man Is Free The Moment He Wishes To Be" - Voltaire