In Politics There Is Always Someone In The Shadows Watching And Hoping You Will Fail

In Politics There Is Always Someone In The Shadows Watching And Hoping You Will Fail

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In politics there is always someone in the shadows watching and hoping you will fail, just waiting for that for that moment of weakness to deliver the killer blow.

Treacherous plots and leaks are common tools of the unscrupulous where friends are kept close and enemies even closer.

By nature I am apolitical but, that does not stop me from recognising politics can be a dirty cut throat game with power being the drug the politically ambitious are addicted to.

I'm not wired to lie so I would make a useless politician, I equally dislike the lack of moral fibre of the politically elected as it seems a very rare breed these days that are true to their convictions.

The words 'Et Tu Brute' have echoed through the political elite of every generation of politicians for centuries although the act of stabbing in the back of a former political colleague is more a figure of speech these days.

People in power have long realised the pen is mightier that the sword so the hearts and minds of people is where the battle is won and the newsrooms of the world are now the arenas where political assassinations take place.

Orchestrated politics involves people with money, banks and business, no one voted for a banker or a businessman but like it or not they have a big say in policy.

Harold Wilson famously said 'Whichever party is in office, the Treasury is in power'.

Hence there is no shortage of the modern day version of 'Brutus' just waiting to proverbially instigate a political assassination for their own career advancement.

Original image by Harry Clarke from the book Tales Of Mystery And Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe.

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