Life Isn't Fair Skulduggery Said, In My Experience Death Isn't So Different

Life Isn't Fair Skulduggery Said, In My Experience Death Isn't So Different

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Life isn't fair Skulduggery said, in my experience death isn't so different; giving meaning to the fact that death not being fair is a more accurate statement.

The quote is from the book Death Bringer by Derek Landy and although the image is from a different book they seemed a great fit in my opinion.

This quote is so true but it is always the 'life is not fair' part of the quote people always use.

People tend to talk in the here and now which is dominated by their life and what is happening in it.

Even when death comes knocking to a close friend or relative people still use the quote 'life isn't fair' when it is actually death that has extinguished the life.

There is a saying 'the only guarantees in life are death and taxes', so death does have a certain consistency that brings an element of fairness because it happens to all.

The average life expectancy of humans has increased with knowledge and better medicine and one side effect is humans know they can live a considered long life way past 80 years of age, this was extremely rare up until a few hundred years ago.

The psychological impact of this is whenever someone has their life taken away prematurely it causes distress and life itself is blamed with the statement 'life isn't fair'.

I do not believe, in this context, this is a fair statement about life.

Life is a gift and an opportunity, there is a lot of choice in life as opposed to death where there is no (eventual) choice. This makes the statement 'death is unfair' a much more realistic philosophy when considering premature death.

Image by Harry Clarke from the book Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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