Welcome To The Kangaroo Court Of Social Media

Welcome To The Kangaroo Court Of Social Media

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Welcome to the kangaroo court of social media where you will be ridiculed, judged, found guilty and condemned as a social misfit based on the frivolous opinions of people you've never met.

This Harry Clarke image is capable of inspiring many thoughts. I immediately thought 'lynch mob' and my thinking progressed to the social media lynch mobs who like to patrol the cyberworld inflicting their views on everyone and anyone from the safety of their home computers.

Not a day goes by without some poor unsuspecting soul suffering from being the victim of an embarrassing photo or video going viral for the whole world to see.

People have got into the habit of judging people online and going beyond what they would say in real life in doing so.

By being so regularly judgemental in the comfort of their own homes it is easy to get carried away with throwaway comments feeding the baying crowd.

The kangaroo court of social media has netted many unwary victims and even victims of mistaken identity, albeit sometimes mischievously.

The average surfer of this frivolous new media trait may have the attention span of a goldfish but the person on the receiving end of the ridicule may not have the thick skin of a politician and it can leave them traumatized.

The kangaroo courts of social media may not be a reason to avoid social media but they should be a reason how you interact with it in a more responsible manner.

Image by Harry Clarke from the book Tales Of Mystery And Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe.

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