The Sea It Talks

A poem inspired by Kerachut Beach In Penang

Michael Joseph FarrellyMichael Joseph Farrelly
The sea it talks by Michael Joseph

The Sea It Talks

A poem by Michael Joseph Farrelly

Running near the oceans edge
With solitude as my friend
The sands of time they make a pledge
That you can't comprehend

The sea it talks if you choose to hear
With every shoreline kiss
Its sirens sing from yesteryear
With wisdom that most miss

The sea is pure persistence
Through fair weather or storm
The sea it talks insistence
It's wisdom true to form

As eons pass the coastline changes
With the high tides ebb and flow
But it's kept its youth through the ages
Whilst I lost my facial glow

Floating near the oceans edge
My ashes find a friend
The sea listens it adds my pledge
At last I comprehend

Great quotes are not where you find great wisdom. It's where you share this knowledge that counts

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Kerachut Beach Penang - My Inspiration

The 'off the beaten track' Kerachut Beach on Penang Island inspired me to write this and although it is seldom visited you can never feel lonely there.

There is something awesome yet tranquil about beautiful beaches that makes you really appreciate the solitude of your own company and invigorates your thought process.

This is what makes the beach a great place for exercising the body and psyche with mindful contemplation.

The tide will come and go the same now as it will in 60 years time however, the pace of your running may be a little easier after the same time period has passed.

The beach and the ocean edge have always been a great attraction for people to visit.

There is a calmness about sitting on a beach listening to the ocean waves flow back and forth in an incessant flow capturing the harmony of nature.

This is a constant that has not changed since the dawn of mankind and humans like the reassurance of things they can rely upon.

Water is the giver of life and the ocean symbolises this gift far better than words could describe.

The breaking of waves have been recorded to play back to people to help them sleep such is the soothing and relaxing effect nature has bestowed on us at the ocean front.

It is this gentle reassurance that draws us back time and again to what our ancestors did and our children will also do, to indulge in contemplative calmness.

The original image taken by myself in 2011 on Kerachut Beach in Penang.

Michael Joseph Farrelly