Judge By Deed Not By Creed

Judge By Deed Not By Creed

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Judge by deed not by creed; Robert G Ingersoll quote flying the flag for the age of free thought where your actions speak louder than your words

Robert G Ingersoll was at the forefront of the golden age of free thought during the late nineteenth century and he became renowned for his nickname the great agnostic.

It would be deemed judgemental to focus on his agnosticism and cynically disregard his views as heretical because of his lack of religion but nonetheless this became the modus operandi of the christian preachers of his era.

Judging people by their actions and not their words is a considered approach which often leads to far more accurate results than forming instantaneous opinions based on race, religion or culture.

On my travels around the world I have found the fundamentals of people to be the same everywhere, there are good, kind, bad and evil people in every country and culture. Not one country or culture holds a monopoly on kindness at a human level, we all have it in us to be good to our fellow man.

I'm sure Robert G Ingersoll enjoyed pointing out the hypocrisy of some of the so called practicing Christians in the USA, but i'm sure there were probably thousands more devout Christians that never got a mention because it did not suit his stance on religion.

Hypocrisy can be seen in all the religions but because the essence of all religions is to teach good moral behaviour it is easy for critics to point out a hypocrite and ignore the faithful who try to practice what their religion preaches.

I like this quote because it can be universally used by people of faith as well as non believers, just because someone is not the same religion as you it should not cloud your judgement on that person.

Although the quote "judge by deed not by creed" was penned by a self confessed agnostic it does not mean that it cannot be used by people of religious faith.

I am a firm believer in judging people by their actions rather than their words and this line of thought transcends all religious and non religious boundaries.

Why Do People Judge Each Other?

People constantly compare themselves to others to give themselves a feeling of self worth, by looking and finding fault in others it makes them feel better about themselves.

The society you grow up in conditions your thinking and this can lead to making snap assumptions about anyone from a different culture regardless of actual facts.

It becomes part of your subconscious mind and helps you make fast decisions. The subconscious mind is easily manipulated though, there is a saying that if a lie is repeated often enough it can become a truth in the eyes of millions, they just have to be given justification to want to believe.

The press and media outlets have the power to manipulate news to adhere to whatever the owners of these organisations desire and one area the western press have focused on recently is religion extremism.

Religion and fanaticism to religion have been responsible for millions of unnecessary deaths going back thousands of years. It is still happening today, one only has to look at the unrest in the middle east and the ripples of terrorism spreading around the globe under the guise of religion.

The percentage of muslims who travel to fight in the middle east is miniscule, the last estimate in 2010 suggested there were 1.6 billion muslims in the world, this is nearly one quarter of the population of the entire world that choose not to be terrorists.

Some people are quick to label every muslim a terrorist when in fact 99.9% of them are law abiding citizens in the country they choose to reside in, but yet the perception remains in the west to make snap judgements and to stereotype an entire religion.

This was not what Robert G Ingersoll meant with his quote "judge by deed not by creed" as I believe he was saying this on an individual basis and since nearly one quarter of the world population is muslim that would mean the perception of Islam perpetuated in the western media is clearly a false narrative.

Everything seems a little too coordinated to me. The people who want to sell arms need large scale conflict or their sales dry up. The big banks want people to borrow huge amounts of money so they can make more money. Because there is so much wealth in the black gold in the middle east it corrupts the minds of leaders who forfeit their moral compass in pursuit of the dollar. The press then relate the stories of extremism, death, hate and destruction to condition the minds of the people so they will support the conflict.

It is a self perpetuating circle of death and destruction that is the business model of financial success for banks and arms dealers.

I understand this business model but it saddens me to see innocent people branded as such just so a very small group of people can get extremely rich at the expense of the many innocent lives that suffered in these conflict zones.

Robert G Ingersoll used his quote "judge by deed not by creed" to point out hypocritical individuals in religion, the human race is too quick to judge others and can easily be manipulated so their thinking follows the preferred flavour of the day.

Maybe a modern day western media version of this quote would read "judge by creed not by greed", it kind of puts a new perspective on how certain vested interests want you to think.

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