Relaxation Is The Absence Of Worry

Relaxation Is The Absence Of Worry

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Relaxation is the absence of worry; The Albert Brooks roadmap to the minds languor state of contentment by banishing worries that achieve nothing but demoralisation

For the majority living in cities in the modern world relaxation is something that is craved for, it can be difficult to find time to relax when the whole world seems in perpetual motion.

It is easy to become part of the machine of life but keeping up once you are a small cog in the system can be the cause of anxiety which leads to worrying and then it can affect your sleeping patterns.

One of the main causes of insomnia is an inability to relax because of the thoughts occupying your mind, paying the mortgage, paying the bills, relationship tension, work tension and worries about the kids futures can and do play a big part in sleep depravation.

The absence of worries may seem to many like a distant utopia and you do not have a ticket to enter because to the worriers they feel they are caught in an inescapable world of torment.

But what does worrying actually achieve? Well worrying lives in your mind and all it can give you is awareness of the problems a person faces, worrying in itself does not solve anything.

The only function worrying does is self demoralisation and it inflicts tiredness on the person suffering because it affects the persons sleep patterns.

Achieving The Absence Of Worry

Worry not only lives in your mind it also lives in the future in things that have not yet happened, negative thoughts conjure up the worst case scenario and your mind focuses on this allowing the negative thought to fester in your mind.

If you start thinking about what you can do today to help tomorrow you will set in process a more positive outcome that can avoid the worst case scenario your mind is thinking about.

An alteration in thinking is required because worriers are notorious for looking for bad things to be concerned about, instead start looking for good things to be happy about. When you find them make the most of them and enjoy the moment then look for the next good thing to be happy about.

Too many people live their lives in the rear view mirror and carry unneeded grievances for far too long. If you are prepared to swallow your pride and let go of the past you will be surprised how it affects your outlook on life because it can lead to a more positive disposition.

If your past is affecting your future life it is a problem that can easily be dealt with by letting go, try doing it and your burdens seem easier to manage.

As the actor Albert Brooks said in the quote "Relaxation is the absence of worry" it is plain to see the enemy of your personal piece of mind is 'worry'.

If, in your mind, you can demonise worrying and not your problems then you are on the right track to find the state of relaxation that eludes so many in modern society.

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