I Got Lost But Look What I Found

I Got Lost But Look What I Found

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I got lost but look what I found; Irving Berlin giving hope and inspiration because a wonderful moment is all you need to turn a good life into a great life

Irving Berlins contribution to 20th century music was immense, as a composer he was prolific with more than 1500 songs attributed to his writing.

All through the golden age of Hollywood Irving Berlin composed the scores that made so many movies so memorable including White Christmas sung by Bing Crosby in the movie 'Holiday Inn' from 1942.

The 'I got lost but look what I found' lyric came from the song 'I got lost in his arms' which was written by Irving Berlin for the 1946 musical 'Annie Get Your Gun'. It is a song describing the feelings and emotions at the moment of falling in love and there have been many renditions of the song recorded since then most notably by Liza Minnelli on her 'Gently' album in 1996.

Many people get lost through life whether it is love for a partner or family member it can affect us all. You can get lost just as easily in the workplace with disillusionment in promotion or salary raise prospects or even the thought of 40 years on the hamster wheel of your chosen profession can drive you to question what you actually want to do with your working career.

Change is a constant of life and very few people last their whole working life in the same profession. Getting lost finding the life you want to live is more normal than you think, most people endure it and come through a better person having learnt many lessons.

You can easily get lost trying to understand some of the crazy things that happen around the world, attempting to make sense of the inexplicable horrors of war or the disregard humans have for the planet and each other can be enough to make any right minded person think twice about the sanity of humanity.

Wonderful Moments

It is in moments of kindness or witnessing the spontaneous beauty of nature in all its glory that gives you hope to carry on.

Inspiration comes in many forms and it sometimes only takes a wonderful moment to turn a good day into a great day or inject you with food for thought that can lead you to fulfill your destiny.

Very few can do an individual act that can change the world but you can still make a difference. An every day act of kindness whether it is appreciated or not makes a difference by generating positive thoughts in the recipient, multiply this by the millions of others who every day do kind deeds then that is a lot of positivity flowing through the minds of the beneficiary of the kindness.

A small altruistic act every day goes a long way and one day just a small selfless act could be enough to restore someones faith in humanity.

People can feel lost in the city they grew up in, it's not like they don't know their way around but that they are somehow lost in their mind because of whatever stressful situation they are facing.

Amazing things can happen if you go out armed with a smile and are open minded enough to appreciate people around you and just do the right things like holding doors open and always saying please and thank you.

It is better to give than to receive and good karma tends to follow the truly altruistic.

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