Social media, a 21st century illusory distraction for your alter ego

Social media, a 21st century illusory distraction for your alter ego

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Social media has become a marketing tool where people create their own perception of themselves, it has become a 21st century illusory distraction for any individuals alter ego.

Visual perception is king in this domain and the hunt is always on to get the perfect image that portrays the message you want to post in the hope of getting peoples approval.

Whereas images are great for feeding the instant gratification of frivolous social media users, ideas are posted to influence peoples thinking which automatically creates opinions about the person who made the post.

The psychology of social media interaction does not involve a cognitive or emotional face to face connection and thus makes it easier to send messages that people can find awkward to do in real life.

Personal perception of ones self usually differs greatly from reality because your mind perceives situations where you are always successful and the outcome is secure which rarely pans out in real life.

Everyone has an ego and everyone has a conscious filter system that (in their opinion) selects the acceptable and unacceptable in all situations.

People escape from the realities of life using their minds freedom where your dreams can be played out to your hearts desire.

Social media has created a conduit into peoples minds and the flow of ego driven opinion and images is giving life to a consciousness that people rarely show.

Escapism has never been easier now social media has indeed become a 21st century illusory distraction for your alter ego.

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