Whether You Believe You Can Or Not You're Right

Whether You Believe You Can Or Not You're Right

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Whether you believe you can or not you're right; Henry Ford describing the mindset of the successful and the under achiever in a world where confidence is key

Whether you like it or not your internal belief system has a major impact on your life and the successful or unsuccessful outcomes of all the challenges afforded to you.

Quite literally if you believe you will succeed you will whereas if you do not believe or harbour doubts then you will not achieve whatever has been set out before you.

Each and everyone of us have our own individual belief system that determines our behaviour, this is what helps you create habits for the tasks in hand every day, it is this behaviour that will determine your results.

If you are given a task you feel you must accept but in your mind you believe you cannot achieve the required results then you will fall short.

Imagine the difference between a self confident person who takes on a task and says yes I will accept and achieve the desired outcome and someone who harbours doubts that they can do it.

Having self confidence changes the mindset of a person, because you have committed to succeed and you are confident in your mind you can defeat any obstacle put in your way then you will succeed, you are prepared to push yourself to the absolute limit to achieve your goal.

The person that doubts they can achieve the desired outcome may have committed verbally to do the task but they have not convinced themselves they can succeed. They will lack the commitment in their mind to do whatever it takes to succeed so how they are thinking will be reflected in their actions.

The subconscious mind is more active to achieve the result in the confident person than it will be in the person who thinks they cannot. All of the forthcoming challenges have to be processed and all potential stumbling blocks have to be analysed.

The subconscious mind helps here because the person who thinks they can has already afforded more time and effort in resolving the potential issues. Because the subconscious is aware of the oncoming demands it prepares the person so their focus is unwavering and putting in extra time and work will not cause any undue stress because you are prepared for it.

I love trying to solve problems and I have amazed myself at the timing of some of the solutions I have come up with.

Many times I have woken up with a fresh idea or new way to look at an issue and I truly believe this comes from the subconscious. If you have analysed a problem and looked at all possible scenarios but not yet found the right solution then all the information is already in your mind and sometimes after going for a walk or sleeping the correct solution suddenly dawns on you.

Just by saying yes I can and believing it you are halfway there, Henry Ford knew this and his quote; "Whether you believe you can or not you're right" describes exactly the mindsets of achievers and under achievers.

As Yoda the little green character from Star Wars would put it, do or do not, there is no try, his alien interpretation of this Henry Ford quote gives it a clear meaning as black and white with no shades of grey.

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