Believe You Can And You're Halfway There

Believe You Can And You're Halfway There

Theodore Roosevelt Quote

Believe you can and you're halfway there; Theodore Roosevelt on your short cut to the midway marker before belief passes the ticket for success to your ability

The power of belief is within us all and it is probably the most underused or misused tool in the arsenal of human mental conditioning under your personal control.

It is easy to believe what the eye can see, in order to believe what the eye cannot see you need to be able to conceive it in your mind and have the belief that it is either true or it can actually happen.

But belief alone is only half the battle, one of the main stumbling blocks is not belief but actually believing you can do something. If someone asks you a question about your plan then your belief system lets the right answer roll off your tongue without batting an eyelid, but this can conceal your biggest enemy; Self doubt.

Believe, There Is No Doubt About It

Truly believing without even a shadow of a doubt is like the lower, but seldom used, layer of your belief system, it is completely believing with 100% trust in the outcome, there is never any self doubt, it is the cornerstone of your ultimate success.

If you completely believe then any doubt is totally expunged from your belief system, believing without any worry delivers results because the anchor of self doubt is completely removed.

Self Doubt The Seed Of Broken Beliefs

Self doubt is the seed of broken beliefs, it festers in your mind disguised as worry, this is the concealed part of your belief system that worries about the outcome of any event or project.

By not fully believing you are defeated before you start, even if you are super efficient and professional in executing your plan if you do not truly believe you can achieve all you set out to do then you are swimming against what can turn out to be an overwhelming current.

One of the worriers greatest sins is so many of their great ideas turn into better ideas for other people because they could not truly believe in it themselves.

At the top level of sport there are hundreds of competitors with fantastic ability but what sets apart the really great from the good is belief, this can make or break your sporting ambitions.

Self Doubters Work Harder Not Smarter

It is possible to achieve what you want if you still harbour self doubt in the form of worry but it is an increased handicap you must overcome, self doubters regularly get praised for the hard work they put in but this disguises an inefficiency that is not present in someone that believes.

If you believe you can do it then there is not a single doubt in your mind, you know 100% what you're doing will happen.

As Theodore Roosevelt was quoted to say; 'Believe you can and you're halfway there', then all you have to do is let your ability take care of the rest.

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