Who Needs Men

Who Needs Men


Who Needs Men, a quote meaning the battle for equal opportunities, pay and boardroom parity between the sexes is still being fought.

Just my take on this excellent antique image, definitely one for the ladies, go girl power :-). As an aside; Edmund Cooper penned a speculative fiction book in 1972 called 'Who Needs Men'.

During the past century the womens empowerment movement has taken great strides in knocking down barriers that has seen women being given the vote and even elected as prime ministers of some countries.

There are still many disparities that give the feminine number crunchers reason to gnash their teeth into, like women professionals still earn considerably less than their male counterparts while the number of CEO's and government ministers is not proportional to the gender demographic.

It doesn't just stop there as the number of women throwing their mortarboard hats into the air has increased with some countries having more female graduates than male.

Equality by numbers is a futile pursuit as it takes the individual choice out of the equation and therein lies both the problem and the solution.

It is not about having the same numbers it is about having both equal opportunities and equal choices to allow meritocracy to achieve its Darwinian goal.

Some women choose to become home makers after gaining degrees but their education is not wasted on society as the benefits are passed on to the children with the knowledge gained by their educated moms.

Original image by Sir John Tenniel from the book Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll in 1871.

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