Cats Are Connoisseurs Of Comfort

Cats Are Connoisseurs Of Comfort

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Cats are connoisseurs of comfort; James Herriot knew. But did you know the refinement of feline creature comforts and classical music tastes prove cats know how to relax in style?

Stylishly Relaxing In Comfort

From curling up on top of you while you're asleep to sleeping up to sixteen hours a day your furry feline companion knows how to stylishly relax in comfort.

Cats are like professional sleepers, it seems they could nod off just about anywhere in your home if they trust you as a good human. They have a knack of just looking so comfortable whatever the surface may be that they have chosen to sleep on.

The chances are high that many times you want to relax in your favourite chair your pet cat will have already claimed that spot, cats are like European tourists claiming the best deck chairs around the hotel swimming pool; If you have a favourite comfortable chair your feline will know and will also want to sleep there.

How many times have you tried to relax only to be presented by your kitties token of gratitude in the form of a dead mouse, frog or bird. Then as you are cleaning up your unwanted present your place on the sofa has been occupied by your pet taking its well earned nap after a hard mornings hunting in your garden.

Cats Relaxing To Classical Music

As James Herriot so rightly quoted 'cats are connoisseurs of comfort' and if you needed further proof of their distinguished tastes you only have to listen to the classical music they so like to relax to.

A study carried out by the University of Lisbon found that pre-surgery cats that listened to classical music were less stressed by their unknown surroundings so leading to a calm demeanor that is less stressful for owner and cat alike.

So if your only feline musical association was the song 'Cool For Cats' by Squeeze you now know they prefer Beethoven, Vivaldi or Mozart over rock, punk or metal.

This I can really relate to, in my mind I can envisage cats suited to the soothe violin, harp and stringed tones while their canine cousins would be more suited to banging loud drums and percussion.

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