I Leave Before Being Left

I Leave Before Being Left

Brigitte Bardot Quote

I leave before being left; In the battle for who leaves who Brigitte Bardot left her jet set suitors scrambling through the media fallout with their pants firmly down as far as their deflated egos

Everyone carries with them the fear of rejection, the question is to what degree can this fear escalate.

When you are in the public spotlight with the paparazzi watching your every move and listening to every anecdote of gossip about you for it to be regurgitated in the tabloids then you have to understand that certain self defence mechanisms kick in which amplifies the fear of rejection.

If a young 15 year old appears on the front cover of Elle magazine which leads to a highly lucrative modeling and movie career with the whole world telling you you are so beautiful then it takes amazing self control to not let this go to your head.

Leaving For The Fear Of Rejection

Couple this scenario with a prideful person then the fear of rejection will be amplified to levels rarely experienced by the average person.

Controlling the situation becomes paramount and if that means controlling how a relationship ends then that is exactly what will happen to lessen the pain and to make sure the tabloids cannot run any heartbroken stories about you.

Either Brigitte Bardot did not feel secure in her relationships that she felt implored to protect herself and her public image or she knew the relationships were too fragile to make it so she brought forward the inevitable by terminating the relationship early.

Leaving The Movie Business Before Cinema Left Her

Who leaves who must have really mattered to her so she just made sure she she got in first by leaving before being left.

Brigitte Bardot even announced in 1973 that she would leave the movie business rather than audition and allow the cinema to leave her, leaving before being left became a forte of hers that she mastered.

Indeed Bardot who married four times has admitted to being suicidal on several occasions but thankfully she did not succeed or follow through, I could imagine the headlines though about leaving this life before the grim reaper had a chance to decide when she should leave. The tabloids would have had a field day!

The infamous Brigitte Bardot quote "I leave before being left" shows that she was a woman who liked to be in control of her life and psychological damage limitation by being first to leave became her modus operandi.

One can only imagine the desperate disappointment of her jet set suitors as they brushed down their deflated egos and tried to move on with the next blonde B list wannabe on their arm fully in the knowledge they once had in their grasp the most beautiful woman in the world and then lost her.

Despite their bravado they knew nothing in the world would ever quite match up.

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