You Can Be Tired Of Style But You Can Never Be Tired Of KL

You Can Be Tired Of Style But You Can Never Be Tired Of KL Because KL Never Goes Out Of Style

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You can be tired of style but you can never be tired of KL because KL never goes out of style; Michael Joseph on KL the style icon of SE Asia.

KL is a fantastic city, I love everything about it from the 'can do' attitude to the food to the style and warmth of the people, it deserves any homage I can lay at its doorstep

The mere mention of Bukit Bintang is enough to send any self respecting fashionista into overdrive. Bukit Bintang is the Wembley Stadium of shopping areas and if shopping were to be made an olympic sport then this would be an ideal venue.

The greater Kuala Lumpur area is growing at a frenetic pace and it's not just building houses and new malls there is a massive project to extend the LRT to cater for this new found population increase.

KL Speaks Volumes About Malaysia

Ultimately the measure of any city is its people and the citizens of KL speak volumes for the direction Malaysia is going.

From a tourists perspective this city is a must see when touring SE Asia, with the iconic Petronas Towers sitting atop the stylish KLCC being the big attraction the towers are probably the most photographed also.

It's not just the people in my circle but everywhere I go I feel the positivity of the people and I sometimes joke with them that all the amazing Asian cuisine on offer is fuelling it, I mean, how could your tastebuds be dissatisfied with the fantastic cuisine on offer everywhere you look?

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