Give A Girl The Right Shoes And She Can Conquer The World

Give A Girl The Right Shoes And She Can Conquer The World

Marilyn Monroe Quote

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world; Marilyn Monroe quote or marketing ploy feeding the female shoe addiction?

A great Marilyn Monroe internet attributed quote, I say this because I cannot find any citation of Marilyn actually saying it. The internet seems to be convinced the attribution is hers though, perhaps tagging Monroes name to the quote helped some entity sell a few more shoes back in the day and the idea that this quote is hers caught on.

Either way it is a great quote with a lot of meaning as it is really describing a metaphorical world being conquered in the lives of each and every individual girl on the planet; Who buy the right shoes.

Feeding The Female Shoe Addiction

Nice shoes give a girl confidence, a beautiful pair of shoes that accentuate the female form will result in that lady absolutely oozing confidence giving her a feeling she can rise to any challenge facing her on any particular day.

Gaining confidence like this can give you a buzz, it is like a natural high that makes you feel great and it is also addictive. There is an endless list of famous shoe addicts with some owning 6,000 plus pairs and others that have calculated that what they had spent on shoes could have easily bought them an apartment or house.

Infamous Shoe Addicts Of The World

Arguably the most infamous shoe addict was Imelda Marcus who conquered the shoe world with her outrageous collection but there are many others equally addicted such as Christina Aguilera, Carrie Bradshaw, Paris Hilton and Danielle Steel who have all occupied column inches in tabloid or glossy mag articles related to their collections of heels, boots and flats.

This brings me back to the actual wording of the quote attributed to Marilyn Monroe; 'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world', these two words 'right shoes' they are suggestive without any possible closure. These two words feed on the new fashion notion, as seasons change so do the new shoe collections that occupy the retail space of the major fashion outlets.

This quote has all the hallmarks of a slick marketing guru rather than a flippant remark from a legendary movie star. It is an appealing line to shoe fashionistas because it justifies their addiction by making them think of the confidence benefit they will gain from the next pair of 'right shoes'.

Never mind the bank balance, just look at those gorgeous shoes and the statement they will make about me.

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