The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

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You want to retaliate and get even? Follow the Frank Sinatra advice as the mob's not required because as he explains so elegantly in this quote; "The best revenge is massive success".

Frank Sinatra was always slick, stylish, talented and well connected, so considering his (alleged) mob connections it appears with this quote he also understood the psychology of revenge.

Why Prosperity Is The Best Payback

You've been wronged, your seething mind cannot take it and you are plotting revenge, what do you do next? There is a saying that 'revenge is a dish best served cold', meaning when you are burning with rage this is the worst time to seek your retribution.

Instant retribution often leads to escalating hostility that can easily spiral out of control. Even if you bide your time to execute your revenge mission this means that you have suffered unnecessarily by continuously concentrating your mind on the wrongs that have been done to you.

You have to keep the burning pain in your mind for fear of losing the revenge inspired intensity of hate. This has a detrimental effect on the life of the person seeking revenge and many times the person seeking their own personal justice is not even aware of it.

Some people say they cannot forget because the pain is too great, they can fall into self pity and ask themselves 'why me'? This borders on the victim blaming themselves and to snap out of it they have to direct their mindful scorn back towards the perpetrator of the initial misdeeds, this keeps the rage bubbling under the surface of their mind.

Every day concentrating and trying to understand why or how you've been wronged is a day wasted in your life. Every miserable day you allow your thoughts to be hijacked by torturing your mind with the wrongs done to you is another day wasted.

You have a choice, you own your own mind, if you choose to sacrifice its thoughts to concentrate on revenge then you are allowing yourself to continue being a victim.

By choosing to continue to be a victim you completely miss the opportunity to inflict the sweetest revenge there is.

So how to exact the sweetest revenge possible?

If you think logically it is pretty obvious the person who has hurt you so badly either hates you or relates your presence on this planet lower than that of an oxygen stealing cockroach.

Either way I can guarantee you one thing; Nothing, absolutely nothing will hurt them more than seeing you be successful.

Being hurt by someone should be used as the fuel to really motivate you to success, when that negative energy is channelled towards achieving your new life goals it leads to a more healthy state of mind and your old nemesis soon becomes irrelevant within your positive mindset.

There are countless materialistic ex spouses who live to bitterly regret getting divorce after their ex becomes successful, this is considered a sweet revenge.

This is why success is the best revenge, think about it, in life the majority of people like to see others failing to make themselves feel better, this is the schadenfreude effect where people like to revel in other peoples misery. If your success can be upsetting to people who do not even know you, can you imagine the displeasure success would cause to your enemies?

This quote proved Frank Sinatra was not just talented, he was also very smart as he understood the psychology of revenge when he said 'the best revenge is massive success'.

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