There Is Never A Need To Outrun Anything You Can Outwit

There Is Never A Need To Outrun Anything You Can Outwit

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There is never a need to outrun anything you can outwit; Jim Davis quote about the ways of the cunning and how they take advantage using psychology and guile

There have been some masters of outwitting opponents in many spheres of life but perhaps the most enjoyable to read about are from the sporting arena.

Psyching The Opponent Out

Who could ever forget the 'Louisville lip' Muhammad Ali, his pre-fight rants are legendary and he became the master of psyching his opponent out days and even weeks before they entered the ring together.

Ali was famous for many quotes but one that sticks in my mind is; "If you even dream of beating me you better wake up and apologize", the psychological effect is to plant doubt in his opponents mind, Ali is implying you know you cannot beat me so do not even think you can in your wildest dreams.

Another boxer Mike Tyson was taught by his first manager that boxing is 90% psychological and 10% physical, he taught Iron Mike the mindset of a winner who uses psychology to defeat his opponents.

The Mike Tyson stare was focused on his opponent from the moment he entered the ring until the first bell and he stated that he could sense the majority of his opponents were unnerved by this tactic.

Both Ali and Tyson used psychological intimidation to outwit their opponents and it was a successful formula for both, but psychological warfare is not just limited to the boxing ring there are many more examples in other sports.

In international rugby the New Zealand team always perform a Maori intimidation dance called the Haka before each game. New Zealand or the All Blacks as they are more commonly known have proved themselves to be the greatest rugby nation in the history of the game, to acquire such a great accolade you must take everything very seriously and this includes the Haka.

Every team knows they are guaranteed a tough game against the All Blacks and the seriousness the Kiwis take when performing the Haka you just know that every single member of their team means business and is prepared to go to war to win the game.

Psychological Warfare

Sometimes it is not your opponent you have to outwit but the team you are managing. Sir Alec Ferguson was a master of this at Manchester United, his half time team talks were nicknamed the hairdryer such was the ferocity of his delivery and woe betide any player who crossed the line and dared to stand up to him. Thrown hot coffee cups were not unusual and in one incident Ferguson kicked a football boot at David Beckham which resulted in Beckham requiring stitches in a head wound.

The Ferguson aura was one of creating a winning mentality at all costs and he was an absolute master at the psychology of fear as the Old Trafford trophy cupboard can proudly testify.

Another form of psychological warfare in sport can be simple signage and imagery. A good example of this is at Anfield the home of Liverpool football club where as each team walks through the tunnel to the pitch there is a sign that simply reads; "This Is Anfield".

The psychological message is delivered because of Liverpool's successful history of winning so many trophies with an especially good home record. When an opposing player is reading the sign they can already hear the crowd in the stadium and then for the uninitiated the deafening roar when both teams enter the pitch has left many a good player intimidated to such an extent they under perform.

Jim Davis may be better known for his illustrated humour with Garfield the cat but he knew a lot about psychology because his quote; "There is never a need to outrun anything you can outwit" shines a light on the cunning methods people use to gain an advantage over an opponent and it is common in all walks of life.

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