That Was In The Past, We're In The Future Now

That Was In The Past, We're In The Future Now

David Beckham Quote

That was in the past, we're in the future now; David Beckham bending the space time continuum.

Brand Beckham

After reaching the heights which he did in his career and the thousands of interviews he has done it is not surprising that you make the occasional slip in the bigger picture of quantum time mechanics.

The turnaround in brand Beckham has been remarkable, during his playing days at Manchester United he was ridiculed in the press for being of questionable intellect but now he is an icon of society and a role model for all.

David Beckham An Ambassador For Sport

David Beckham tapped into his model like good looks and just started doing things that would please everyone, working for charitable causes.

He visited the British soldiers in Afghanistan and when he signed a contract with PSG he announced that he would donate all his salary to a local childrens charity.

Becoming involved in Britains bid for the Olympics 2012 and world cup in 2018 he shone as an ambassador for British sport and his value in representing corporate brands rose as a result.

The press may have had fun with David Beckham quotes such as this 'we're in the future now' quote but his bank balance talks a different language, one of business guile.

How many ex-professional footballers have retired from the game and became even more successful in another field of business? Total respect for you David.

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