And Seaman Just Like A Falling Oak Manages To Change Direction

And Seaman Just Like A Falling Oak Manages To Change Direction

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And Seaman just like a falling oak manages to change direction; John Motson defying the laws of physics.

Defying The Laws Of Gravity

Another commentator with a legendary career with the BBC, this time describing David Seaman the Arsenal and England goalkeeper defying the laws of gravity, for Oak trees.

Most people have yet to see a falling tree change direction but then again most people have not met John Motson.

Forty Years In The Commentary Box

John Motson spent more than forty years in the commentary box for the BBC with Match Of The Day being the staple during this period of time.

During that time he commentated on 10 world cups and 10 European Championships and with over 1000 games from the commentary box he was considered a national treasure on BBC sports.

Although this quote is more Ron Atkinson in style than his usual lines John Motson had a fascination for statistics well before the age of the internet which made him a pioneer and helped him carve out his niche in commentary.

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