It's All About The 2 M's Movement and Positioning

It's All About The 2 M's Movement and Positioning

Ron Atkinson Quote

It's all about the 2 M's movement and positioning; Big Ron Atkinson baffling the bemused with Ronism logic.

Big Ronisms

Classic Big Ron Atkinson from his TV commentary days. Some of his quotes became legendary and a new footballing saying was borne; 'Big Ronisms', go google it, classics.

One thing that was predictable about the totally unpredictable commentaries by him is that he would come out with a classic line that would probably be worth remembering more than the game.

Master Of The Distorted Metaphor

Ron Atkinson was a master of the distorted metaphor, although quite whether this was by chance or planned is another story, he would always come out with lines like 'early doors' or 'cool panic'.

Yes a lot of his Ronism's made no sense but you did understand what he meant and one thing they were was memorable.

Who would describe someone as lightning slow or say a ten-foot keeper really should have stopped that?

The abstract nature of his one liners never ceased to amaze like the quip about the ball 'rising and dipping at the same time' or about teams 'playing above the ground' or even a team being 'outnumbered numerically in midfield', the list is endless.

Which brings us to Big Rons quote about the 2M's 'movement and positioning', without a doubt another absolute classic Big Ronism.

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