Loves Kiss

A poem about the magic of young love

Michael Joseph FarrellyMichael Joseph Farrelly
Swinging In The Sunset Playing On The Beach

Loves Kiss

A poem by Michael Joseph Farrelly

Swinging In The Sunset
Playing On The Beach
Dreaming of the day we met
When loves kiss my heart did reach

We romanced in the moonlight
Danced salsa on the sand
Our lips they met at midnight
The scheme of love is grand

Holding hands 'til sunrise
Stroking fingers through your hair
The moon goes down before our eyes
Magic lingers in the air

Caught up in the moment
One I'll feel forever
Loves kiss caught in an instant
Forgotten to me never

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The Magic Of Young Love

Sunsets are the most romantic time of the day. There is something about the transition from night to day and the colours the setting sun yields that inspire pleasant feelings and dreaming of love.

Soft lighting as generated by the gentle glow of candles are considered romantic and calming but nature uses physics to naturally create an aura of romantic calm that cannot be matched in any artificial lighting setting. Because the distance is farther for sun light to travel at sunset so the earths atmosphere filters the sun light down to beautiful hues of orange, gold and red as the blues and violets have shorter wave lengths.

While sunsets are considered romantic the science behind it is anything but, can you imagine sharing the details behind the refraction of light waves and the curvature of the earth at the horizontal plane?

Beach sunsets are considered more romantic and there is a science behind this too. Because the topology is unobstructed across the apparent flat ocean surface there is a clear path to the horizon, a consequence of that is the blues and greens that suffer more refraction can give off an aura above the setting sun that increase the optical pleasure of the beholder.

There was nothing romantic about the circumstances of this photo either as I kept the poor guy swinging there for ages just trying to capture a subtle silhouetted swinging sunset:-)

My above poem was more earnest though as I'm sure Melissa my wife to whom it is dedicated can verify.

Image taken by me in 2011 on Pasir Panjang Beach in Balik Pulau in Penang, when myself, Melissa and a group of friends chilled the night away

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