To Find A Prince You Got To Kiss Some Toads

To Find A Prince You Got To Kiss Some Toads

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To find a prince you got to kiss some toads; Foxy Brown on playing the numbers game in a search for her Prince Charming

Love and romance, everybody wants their happily ever after and it does seem for many an elusive pursuit but that doesn't stop people trying, human nature has evolved like that.

Kissing The Frog Prince

The origins of kissing a frog or toad to find a prince are far more recent than the original by the Brothers Grimm version in 1812, back in the day the frog never got kissed but instead flung against a wall by the princess. It was this fit of pique that transformed the frog into a handsome prince and the pair then got married to live their happily ever after.

In more modern times the story got changed to the popularly known Disney version whereby the princess kisses the frog only to become one herself and this leads them to embark on an adventure to get changed back before they can live their happily ever after.

In popular culture the plot gets shortened to a girl kisses a frog (or a toad) and the kiss dramatically transforms the frog into a handsome prince.

This version can be related to by so many young ladies who have lost count of the Mr wrongs that they met in their search for finding their Mr right.

If meeting your Prince Charming was so easy then there would be no need for the online dating agency industry to be supplying advertisements on every other web page people peruse when surfing the net.

Girls are chasing the dream to be happily married with a good husband who takes care of the family, sadly when observing the divorce rate, it would seem that many toads stay being a toad no matter how many times they get kissed.

This Foxy Brown quote was very tongue in cheek and more likely a flippant remark to the sisterhood rather than it having any real world traction for her.

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