Be Careful Be Loving Find The Key To Unlock My Broken Heart

Be Careful Be Loving Find The Key To Unlock My Broken Heart

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The words created themselves for this image by Jody Morris, it even looks like a heart shaped key hole just waiting for prince/princess charming to arrive with the key.

While a heart shaped key might not make the most practical solution for lock design it does get the message across about being careful with the feelings of your lover.

Sometimes the lesson of a broken heart can teach people to be more wary and it is even considered in some quarters as a graduation step in life.

Only someone who has already been heart broken can understand the pain of a sufferer, there are indeed plenty more people in the ocean of life and sometimes it does take one to know one.

After suffering the pain of a broken heart you are far more unlikely to want to inflict the same on another person, unless you are a sadistic psychopath of course.

Original image by Jody Morris downloaded from public domain pictures dot net.

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