Life Is The Flower For Which Love Is The Honey

Life Is The Flower For Which Love Is The Honey

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Life is the flower for which love Is the honey; The law of attraction gives stimulus to the instinct to procreate and like a bee instinctively pollinates a flower to create the honey so too does life use love as the honey for the preservation of the human species.

Life on earth depends on many things from climate to water to the oxygen generating plants and flowers that break down carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is plant food and preceding and during the Jurassic period the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were far higher than they are now.

This led to a proliferation in plant and vegetation growth which led the herbivores to eat more and get bigger which led to the carnivores to eat more herbivores and get bigger and so this prehistoric life cycle continued.

A great quote from Victor Hugo who was an accomplished novelist and French poet during the 19th century.

Victor Hugo was somewhat appropriately associated with the Romantic Movement that was at its most popular between 1800 and 1850.

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