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Peter Carl Faberge Quotes

Peter Carl FabergeSorry folks, I could only find four Peter Carl Faberge quotes. I will keep looking and if I find any more I'll add them to the database.
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Peter Carl Faberge
  • Born: 30th May 1846, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Died: 24th September 1920, Pully, Switzerland
  • Occupation: Jeweller
  • Famous for: Faberge eggs
  • Shock event: The Russian revolution in 1917 saw the House of Faberge nationalised and closed down in 1918

"Since there is nobody to scold me, I have had to do it myself"

Peter Carl Fabergé

"Where shall I take so many craftsmen from?"

Peter Carl Faberge

"What can I do with a dead banker?"

Peter Carl Faberge

"Indeed, your Highness, I too have no idea what for"

Peter Carl Faberge

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Peter Carl Faberge Since there is nobody to scold me, I have had to do it myself