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Joseph Goebbels Quotes

Joseph Goebbels
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Paul Joseph Goebbels
  • Born: 29th October 1897, Rheydt, Rhine Province, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
  • Died: 1st May 1945, Berlin, Nazi Germany
  • Alma mater: University of Bonn, University of Würzburg, University of Freiburg and University of Heidelberg
  • Occupation: Reich Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment
  • Political party: Nazi Party (NSDAP) 1924–1945
  • Nicknames: The Malicious Dwarf and The Nazi Megaphone
  • Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
  • Controversy: Before the suicide of Goebbels and his wife Magda they murdered their 6 children using cyanide capsules
  • Trivia: He was the only member of the Nazi leadership to hold a degree (a PhD in Literature and History from the University of Heidelberg)

"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will"

Joseph Goebbels

"The Jew is contrary to our being. … He desecrated our people, spat on our ideals, paralyzed the strength of the nation, made our customs rotten, and polluted the morale"

Joseph Goebbels

"English capitalists want to destroy Hitlerism. They see Hitlerism as all the generous social reforms that have occurred in Germany since 1933"

Joseph Goebbels

"Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight"

Joseph Goebbels

"Money has made slaves of us… Money is the curse of mankind. It smothers the seed of everything great and good"

Joseph Goebbels

"We are coming neither as friends or neutrals. We come as enemies! As the wolf attacks the sheep, so come we"

Joseph Goebbels

"A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth"

Joseph Goebbels

"Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it"

Joseph Goebbels

"The night is my best friend. It calms the storm in my soul and it lets the guiding stars rise"

Joseph Goebbels

"Devotion, fervor, longing! Those are my pillars. We have to be the bridge to the future"

Joseph Goebbels

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play"

Joseph Goebbels

"Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred"

Joseph Goebbels

"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion"

Joseph Goebbels

"England is a capitalist democracy. Germany is a socialist people's state"

Joseph Goebbels

"Hypocrisy is the characteristic feature of the dying bourgeois epoch"

Joseph Goebbels

"The political bourgeoisie is about to leave the stage of history"

Joseph Goebbels

"The social is a stopgap. Socialism is the ideology of the future"

Joseph Goebbels

"Capitalism is the immoral distribution of capital"

Joseph Goebbels

"The truth is the greatest enemy of the State"

Joseph Goebbels

"He who cannot hate the devil cannot love God"

Joseph Goebbels

"National Socialism is a religion"

Joseph Goebbels
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Joseph Goebbels Biography

Joseph Goebbels was the master manipulator who rose through the Nazi party ranks to become the Reich Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment where he relished his role of influence over the German people as the mouthpiece of Adolf Hitler's dictatorial rule.

In his childhood days Goebbels was an intelligent child and a more than capable student but he suffered from a deformity in his right leg caused by osteomyelitis that forced him to wear a metal brace that saw him suffer a limp for life and prevented him from joining the army during WW1.

Although disappointed about his disability he more than made up for it academically as he graduated from university with two degrees and an ambition to be a successful writer.

Goebbels applied for many journalistic positions but was turned down every time, embittered he tried his hand as a writer but his novel entitled "Michael" was not commercially successful.

An inferiority complex was building in tandem with his resentment for rejection and he was looking for an outlet to channel his frustrations in the early 1920's when Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Party emerged during a bleak period for the German people. The impressionable Joseph found the allure of antisemitism and a German first policy irresistible and by 1926 he pledged his total support for Adolf Hitler as he was quoted as saying: "Adolf Hitler, I love you because you are both great and simple at the same time. What one calls a genius".

Goebbels quickly put to work his skill as a master propagandist with a determination to prove himself as he led political campaign after campaign to a successful conclusion and in the process impressing Adolf Hitler who was quoted as saying: "Dr. Goebbels was gifted with the two things without which the situation in Berlin could not have been mastered: verbal facility and intellect.. . . For Dr. Goebbels, who had not found much in the way of a political organization when he started, had won Berlin in the truest sense of the word".

Goebbels became totally engrossed with the Fuhrer's charisma fuelled powerful rhetoric and he devoted his impressive intellect to delivering the party message until the Nazi's finally came to power in 1933 when he was rewarded with the position of Reich Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment giving him total control over the entire media including radio, press, publishing, cinema, theatre and all the arts.

Goebbels' antisemitism became a theme as he began putting his stamp on German culture and as the Nazi grip on power increased so did his anti Jew rhetoric. His pro-party stance became more than entrenched as he encouraged the denunciation of all non German ethnic groups and targetted all potential political enemies with the same venom as he did the Jews.

Goebbels took a particular interest in the party's propaganda ministry's film-making division as he set more than tone for movie making as his casting couch developed a reputation as big as his ego and there was a queue of actresses willing to oblige to be given star roles. One affair in particular with the Czech actress Lida Baarova caused much chagrin to the party hierarchy and Goebbels was advised very strongly to end the relationship.

With the onset of WW2 his remit changed and he created movies and broadcasts to motivate the German people showcasing his morality deprived mind as he was prepared to use anything and everything to further the Nazi cause.

The initial successes of Germany's WW2 effort eventually subsided with some highly questionable military decisions culminating with the disastrous Operation Barbarossa that saw a land invasion of the Soviet Union that stretched the logistics lines and challenged the forces of nature that Joseph Stalin's Red Army were more suited to deal with.

The bloody war on the Eastern Front accounted for more lives than every other theatre of war in WW2, the Germans didn't take any prisoners in the assault on Soviet territory as more than 1,700 towns and 70,000 villages were razed to the ground in a hate filled campaign. When the tide turned and the Soviets were on the offensive the repercussions were just as blood thirsty and no German wanted to be captured by the Red Army.

For all of Goebbels pro-German propaganda the Soviet forces led by Georgy Zhukov were closing in on Berlin to the east whilst the Dwight D. Eisenhower led allies were closing from the west. Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill had given the allies orders to capture the German hierarchy alive and Joseph Stalin had also ordered his generals to do likewise.

When it became clear all was lost Adolf Hitler and his newly wed wife Eva Braun took their own lives on 30th April 1945 with orders that Goebbels take command as Chancellor of the Third Reich. His hold on the reins of power was short lived as within 24 hours Goebbels also followed his leader by committing suicide rather than face the wrath of the Red Army. As a master manipulator of words he was also good for a one liner so this is my compilation of 21 of the best Joseph Goebbels quotes.

Quotes About Joseph Goebbels

A German official called Hans Fritzsche made this statement in 1946: "Goebbels must have had a tremendous hatred for the Jews - but not more than Himmler. I have no doubt, at this date, that Goebbels knew of the murder of 5 million Jews, a fact which he kept hidden from me and others at that time"

The Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe Hermann Göring seemed less than impressed with his fellow Nazi: "That clubfooted fanatic! He forced women to submit to him sexually because of his powerful position. He influenced Hitler to become anti-Semitic more than Hitler had been before. Hitler used to come to my house once in a while for a cup of coffee, and because I led a normal life, he would leave about nine o'clock. I was in the habit of retiring early. However, Hitler used to spend practically all of his nights, sometimes until four a.m., with Goebbels and his family. God knows what evil influence Goebbels had on him during those long visits"

The author Anthony Read described him thus: "Goebbels saw the ultimate enemy as international capitalism, and those who held power in Germany as its lackey, betraying their nation for personal gain. These were the traditional targets of the Communists, of course, so the Nazis and the KPD, the Communist Party of Germany, were in direct competition for the same constituency, two rabid dogs fighting for one bone… And Goebbels, who has so recently been happy to describe himself as a ‘German Communist’ led the fight with all the intensity of a religious convert"

The stormtrooper Horst Wessel shared this observation in the 1920's: "This man's rhetoric and ability to organise are unique. There was no situation he couldn’t deal with. The party members followed him with great love. The stormtroopers would have let themselves be hewn to pieces for him"

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