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Ambrose Burnside Quotes

Ambrose Burnside
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Ambrose Burnside
  • Born: 23rd May, 1824, Liberty, Indiana
  • Died: 13th September, 1881 Bristol, Rhode Island
  • Occupation: General and Governor
  • Service: U.S. army, Union army
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"The South, in ruin and desolation, will bitterly repent the day when she attempted to overthrow a wise and beneficent government"

Ambrose Burnside

"McClellan appears to think I am not trying my best to carry this bridge"

Ambrose Burnside

"I was not informed of any duty upon which I am to be placed"

Ambrose Burnside

"Any person found guilty of treason will be tried by a military tribunal and either imprisoned or banished to enemy lines"

Ambrose Burnside

"I will never give my influence, either as a private citizen or a public servant, for war, so long as it can be honorably avoided"

Ambrose Burnside

"It is not death therefore that is burdensome, but the fear of death"

Ambrose Burnside

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Ambrose Burnside Biography

Ambrose Burnside was born the fourth of nine siblings in Liberty Indiana in 1824.

After showing an interest in the army he joined he joined the U.S military academy in 1843 and after four enduring years he graduated in 1847.

Burnside had minimal involvement in the Mexican American war but in the American civil war he was to see a lot of acion. He had some early successes including his North Carolina expedition which saw him gain a promotion with more troops under his command. His reputation was further enhanced in the battle of Antietam after little support his men still managed to take some credit in what were hectic and unpredictable battles due to a lack of coordination.

The Battle of Fredericksburg saw Burnside receive a military comeuppance when Confederate general Robert E. Lee and his army gained a major victory and a psychologocal boost with more than 13,000 union soldiers killed on the battle field.

The Knoxville campaign saw another turn in the fortunes of war for Ambrose Burnside when his men won a number of both skirmishes and races against the confederate forces under James Longstreet. Burnsides objctive was to hold Knoxville and he successfully achieved this with military aplomb.

Ambrose Burnside achieved a few more minor successes before the Battle of the Crater became his final military undoing resulting in severe Union soldier casualties. He was relieved of his post and this was to prove his final commanding role of the civil war.

After the war Burnside found a new battle field in the political arena and was elected governor of Rhode Island. He served three years as governor. He died of heart disease in 1881 and is interred at Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island.

Military mismanagement aside, he is fondly remembered for his facial whiskers and his name was inverted to coin the phrase 'sideburns' given to facial hair growing from the side of the ears to the moustache.

Ambrose Burnside quote It is not death that is burdensome, but the fear of death