The Statesman

A poem written by Michael Joseph about Winston Churchill The Ultimate Statesman Of The Twentieth Century

Michael Joseph FarrellyMichael Joseph Farrelly
Winston Churchill poem

The Statesman

The statesman's grit is unrelenting
For the principles that need defending
In times of trouble you know where to turn
For the true statesman will be fair but stern

Adversity burns when you least plan
But that's when you need a true statesman
Churchills' time was unforgiving
But he faced it all and we carried on living

What do you need for inspiration
When all seems lost amidst trepidation
As he stands it all goes quiet
Anticipating a mind meld riot

Commanding respect is no mean feat
When this guy talks you stand on your feet
The volume rises with the hairs on your neck
The statesman has spoken as the journos cross check

A lifetime of headlines he was always front page
With passionate speeches the world was his stage
A man of all time well read and orated
Dressed up to the nines and opinionated

The statesman was true in name and in label
He stuck to his guns and was never unstable
Quick witted and sharp he crossed swords with the best
Not one to back down 'til they laid him to rest


fear is reaction courage is a decision winston churchill

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