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Charlemagne Quotes

  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Charlemagne
  • Born: 2nd April 742, Frankish Kingdom
  • Died: 28th January 814, Aachen, Francia (present-day Germany)
  • Resting place: Aachen Cathedral
  • Occupation: Roman Emperor and king of the Franks
  • Marriage resume: Desiderata 770 - 771 (annulled), Hildegard of Vinzgouw 771 - 783 (her death), Fastrada 783 - 794 (her death) and Luitgard 794 - 800 (her death)
  • Dynasty: Carolingian
  • Imperium: The Carolingian Empire
  • Nicknames: The Father Of Europe and Charles The Great
  • Parents: Pepin the Short (father) and Bertrada of Laon (mother)
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Inspired: Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and the European Union
  • Trivia: The actor Christopher Lee traced his ancestry directly back to Charlemagne through the maternal family tree of his mother; Countess Estelle Marie (née Carandini di Sarzano). The Carandini family is one of oldest in Europe which can be traced back to the first century
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"Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right"


"You nobles, you sons of my leading men, soft and dandified, trusting in your birth and your wealth, paying no attention to my command and your advancement, you neglected the pursuit of learning and indulged yourselves in the sport of pleasure and idlenes


"Nothing of that which was gained by fraud can go to the liberation of his soul. Let his wealth be divided among the workmen of this our building, and the poorer servants of our palace"


"Others can admire you. Know this without any doubt; unless you rapidly make up for your idleness by eager effort, you will never receive any benefit from Charlemagne"


"I have no fear of those worthless rascals doing any harm to me; but I am sad at heart to think that even during my lifetime they have dared to touch this shore"


"I am torn by a great sorrow because I foresee what evil things they will do to my descendants and their subjects"


"Ah, woe is me! that I was not thought worthy to see my Christian hands dabbling in the blood of those dog-headed fiends"


"If only I could have a dozen churchmen as wise and as well taught in all human knowledge as were Jerome and Augustine"


"Bishops should despise this world and inspire others by their example to seek after heavenly things"


"It is not lack of self-restraint but care for others which makes me dine in Lent before the hour of evening"


"Believe in the resurrection of the dead, in eternal life and in the never-ending torment of the impious"


"By the King of the heavens I think nothing of your nobility and your beauty"


"Husbands should love their wives and speak no rude word to them"


"Be humble and good to one another; be faithful to your lords"


"You are corrupted by ambition beyond all the rest of mankind"


"To have another language is to possess a second soul"


"Take care that none of them escapes"

Quotes About Charlemagne:
The writer Walahfrid recognised his wisdom when he said:

"Charles was the keenest of all kings to seek out and support wise men so that they might philosophize with all delight. Almost all of the kingdom entrusted to him by God was so foggy and almost blind, but he made it luminous with the new ray of knowledge, almost unknown to this barbarous land"

The monk Bobbio said mournfully at the time:

"From the lands where the sun rises to western shores, people are crying and wailing ... the Franks, the Romans, all Christians, are stung with mourning and great worry ... the young and old, glorious nobles, all lament the loss of their Caesar"

The biographer Einhard got straight to the point by describing him thus:

"The most famous and greatest of men"

French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing was quoted to say at an EU meeting held in Aachen:

"Perhaps when we discussed monetary problems, the spirit of Charlemagne brooded over us"

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Charlemagne Biography

Michael Joseph Farrelly Bio By: Michael Joseph Farrelly

Charlemagne was the first leader since the fall of the Roman Empire to achieve a unifying rule across much of Europe as he paved the way for all future European empire builders to draw inspiration from his methodology to achieve greater dictatorships. At a time when Europe was fragmented by tribal rulers whose savagery matched their lack of organisation an opportunity was there for the taking for an ambitious leader like Charlemagne who was equipped with the military strategies to satisfy his lust for power and domination.

After the death of his father Pepin the Short he shared rule for 3 years with his brother Carloman until his siblings sudden and unexpected death in 771ad. For the next 30 years Charlemagne was in a perpetual war across multiple European fronts as he expanded his power base as the King of the Franks by conquering the kingdom of the Lombard's in northern Italy, Saxony to the east and Bohemia.

It was a blood thirsty campaign both on and off the battlefield as the vanquished survivors were expected to convert to Roman catholicism or face execution. In one infamous incident he oversaw the "Massacre of Verden" where 4,500 Saxons were decapitated for refusing to convert to Christianity. On 10th July 774 he was crowned the King Of The Lombard's and by the turn of the century he even gained the title of the First Holy Roman Emperor such was the extent of his power base and allegiance to the papacy.

As an administrator he was equally adept as he was on the battle field as his wide ranging reforms became appreciated by the people of Europe. His legal reforms were stern when it came to religion but he was smart enough to allow local laws to be respected in each of his conquered territories. He standardised language and introduced education which would use Latin as its basic form of learning and communication.

The standardisation continued with money, weights, measures and taxes all coming into line across his territories. As a soldier he led from the front and he cut an intimidating figure as he stood at 6' 4" (1.93m) which was far taller than the nutritionally deprived enemies he faced on the battlefield who averaged about 5' 5" (1.65m).

He surrounded himself with educated people and encouraged art and literature for which history has rewarded his contribution to the people with the term the "Carolingian Renaissance" which was the first of the three great medieval renaissances. As a ruler he was well respected and he tried to be fair to his subjects once they came under his dominion. He made some memorable speeches and was good for a one liner so here is my compilation of 17 of the best Charlemagne quotes

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