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Ice Cube Quotes

Ice Cube
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Ice Cube
  • Born: 15th June 1969, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Occupation: Rapper, actor, producer and screenwriter
  • Breakthrough: His first big break came with the rap band N.W.A in the 1980's with their mega hit album 'Straight Outta Compton'
  • Movie break: His first big movie role was as Doughboy in the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood
  • Entrepreneurial record: He owns his own record label Lench Mob Records and founded his own production company CubeVision as well as owning his own clothing label Solo by Cube
  • Trivia: He legally changed his birth name O'Shea Jackson to Ice Cube, the origins of his new name date back to his elder brother nicknaming him Ice Cube because his cool demeanour belied his young age
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"Truth is the ultimate power. When the truth comes around, all the lies have to run and hide"

Ice Cube

"It's not just a black thing. When we came out, it was already a foregone conclusion that all types of life listen to rap. All cultures. But we never knew that"

Ice Cube

"He threatened to slam me into a freezer and pull me out when I was an ice cube. I just started using that name, and it just caught on" (talking about his older brother)

Ice Cube

"We changed pop culture on all levels. Not just music. We changed it on TV. In movies. On radio. Everything"

Ice Cube

"The Beastie Boys broke all the walls for me. They were the introduction of rap is for everybody"

Ice Cube

"I'm not the type of actor who is trying to do a whole bunch of different shit, you know what I mean?"

Ice Cube

"I'm gonna live a long life, and I might change religions three or four times before I die"

Ice Cube

"Religion is man-made, it's flawed. I don't follow nobody but my own conscience"

Ice Cube

"Create your own path, hone your talent, be ready to show your talent, and don't doubt yourself"

Ice Cube

"To me, reality is better than being fake"

Ice Cube

"When you're talking to lions, you can't meow like a pussycat"

Ice Cube

"The worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing"

Ice Cube

"Rap is just somebody getting something off his chest. That's all it is"

Ice Cube

"If you think about stuff that happened when you were young, it stays with you forever"

Ice Cube

"Sports without music is just a game. Music makes it entertaining"

Ice Cube

"It is just all about whether you get it or not; the camera don't lie"

Ice Cube
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Ice Cube Biography

Ice Cube was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles who as a teenager did well to avoid the peer pressure of drugs and gun crime that so many of his friends got caught up in.

His love of sports and music shone through and he caught the crest of a musical revolution when he teamed up with his friends and fellow L.A. rappers to form N.W.A. who shot to fame on a crescendo of hard hitting rap lyrics that sold millions of records.

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As soon as it got going he left N.W.A. despairing at the volume of sales compared to how little money he earned so he started his own label and he went from hit to hit and subsequently into the movie industry.

With no credible acting training he relied on his natural abilities and his intense staring eyes gained him role after role as he became box office gold. His entrepreneurial acumen has seen him open many diverse doors from endorsing alcohol products to his own clothing line, he has proved himself successful on many fronts.

He has packed a lot into his career making it interesting research compiling my list of 16 of the best Ice Cube quotes

Quotes About Ice Cube

The movie director John Singleton gave him inspiration by informing him: "If you can write a record, you can write a movie"

The writer Jessie Carney Smith gauged his career so far: "Besides Will Smith, Ice Cube has emerged as one of the most successful hip-hop music artists to have made the transition to acting. However, Ice Cube has exceeded Smith's success so far as musician and actor only through his work as director, writer and producer"

The author Mickey Hess described him thus: "Hip Hop is Ice Cube and Ice Cube is hip hop not just in abstract terms, but in the stories and development as a fundamental American cultural institution"

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