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Charles Aznavour Quotes

Charles Aznavour
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Charles Aznavour
  • Born: 22nd May 1924 - Paris, France
  • Died: 30th September 2018, Alpilles, France
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actor and diplomat
  • Instruments: Vocals
  • Height: 5ft 3in (1.6m)
  • Genre: Chanson, pop and jazz

"If the youth can't make a living through creative work, they will do something else and the artistic world will be dealt a blow"

Charles Aznavour

"My four points of reference were Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Konstantin Stanislavski and Maurice Chevalier"

Charles Aznavour

"I had done classical dance, variety and theatre, and I wanted to get all that into my performances"

Charles Aznavour

"She learned from me. She says that herself – or else I would have shut my mouth" [about Liza Minnelli]"

Charles Aznavour

"I brought her my youth, my madness; she loved my whole jazzy side" [about Édith Piaf]

Charles Aznavour

"Mr. Pompidou, for example, was as smart as an encyclopedia. Next to him, I felt myself rather illiterate"

Charles Aznavour

"There comes an age, when you want a nature instead of the city and crowds. Parisian statues are awesome, but its nature is not so fascinating"

Charles Aznavour

"Live now. Tomorrow, who knows?"

Charles Aznavour

"My love of the chanson towered above my other loves"

Charles Aznavour

"First I hesitated, as it is not an easy task. Then I thought that what is important for Armenia is important for us"

Charles Aznavour

"French is my working language but my family language is always Armenian"

Charles Aznavour

"Nobody has the right to be - The judge of what is right for me"

Charles Aznavour
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Charles Aznavour Biography

Charles Aznavour was born in Paris in 1924 to a musical family of Armenian descent and when he started performing as a child, little did he know of the glittering future fate was to bestow on him.

His record sales have run into hundreds of millions and within this Aznavour has penned more than 1300 songs and recorded them in eight different languages.

Charles Aznavour is considered as French musical royalty and has often been described as the French Frank Sinatra.

His voice is classed as a tenor but the flexibility in his vocal range sees him equally comfortable vocalising as a baritone.

On the silver screen Aznavour has appeared in more than 60 movies including the academy award winning film 'The Tin Drum' which was released in 1979.

He is the founder of the 'Aznavour for Armenia' charity that has been raising awareness on Armenian issues especially in the aftermath of the devastating Armenian earthquake of 1988.

Charles Aznavour is still singing at concerts in 2017 meaning that since his discovery in 1946 by French singer Edith Piaf he has been performing professionally for more than 60 years.

Charles Aznavour has to be considered one of the all time greats because there are very few performers who have shown such success spanning so many decades with the people still demanding the tickets. He was good for a one liner also so this is my compilation of 12 of the best Charles Aznavour quotes

Quotes About Charles Aznavour

Bob Dylan was gushing with his praise: "I like Charles Aznavour a lot, I saw him in sixty-something at Carnegie Hall, and he just blew my brains out"

The director Peter Bogdanovich was quoted as saying: "Sinatra once said every song is a one-act play with one character and Charles is an extraordinary actor as well as an extraordinary singer"

The French poet Jean Cocteau commented on his style: "Before Aznavour, despair was unpopular"

The French President Emmanual Macron shared this assessment: "Charles Aznavour was profoundly French, deeply attached to his Armenian roots and known throughout the world. He has accompanied the joys and pain of three generations. His masterpieces, the tone of his voice, his unique radiance will long survive him"

President Macron then added: "In France poets never die"

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo described him thus: "A Parisien who became a true icon of French song and a passionate ambassador for Armenia around the world"

Charles Aznavour quote Live now, tomorrow who knows