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Jo Ann Robinson Quotes

Jo Ann Robinson
Image Courtesy of Montgomery County Archives

  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Jo Ann Robinson
  • Born: 17th April 1912, Culloden, Georgia U.S.
  • Died: 29th August 1992, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Alma mater: Atlanta University
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Famous for: Organising the Montgomery bus boycott
  • Awards: Awarded a publication prize by the Southern Association for Women Historians in 1989
  • Associations: President of the Women’s Political Council (WPC)

"I think that people were fed up, they had reached the point that they knew there was no return, that they had to do it or die"

Jo Ann Robinson

"It was the sheer spirit for freedom, for the feeling of being a man and a woman"

Jo Ann Robinson

"The suffering was immense. It had touched the homes of thousands of people through the last ten years of Alabama State"

Jo Ann Robinson

"A constant threat to our peace of mind"

Jo Ann Robinson

"The boycott was the most beautiful memory that all of us who participated will carry to our resting place"

Jo Ann Robinson

"People the world over should know that any group, if given equal opportunity in education, employment, civil rights, and the like, can be desirable citizens anywhere, with as much to offer as any other group"

Jo Ann Robinson

"An oppressed but brave people, whose pride and dignity rose to the occasion, conquered fear, and faced whatever perils had to be confronted"

Jo Ann Robinson

"Three-fourths of the riders of these public conveyances are Negroes. If Negroes did not patronize them, they could not possibly operate"

Jo Ann Robinson
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Jo Ann Robinson Biography

Jo Ann Robinson languishes as an unsung heroine of the American civil rights movement despite the enormous contribution she made towards gaining equal rights for all Afro Americans.

Eighteen months before the arrest of Rosa Parks that sparked the Montgomery bus boycott Jo Ann Robinson had wrote to the mayor of Montgomery threatening a bus boycott if the racial segregation was not stopped on the bus system.

On the night of Rosa Parks arrest Robinson sprang into action printing 35,000 flyers that spread the word about the bus boycott she and other members of the Womens Political Council (WPC) had planned for so long. The Montgomery bus boycott lasted 381 days and became the first successful example of mass non-violent protest in the United States.

As it became clear that the boycott was going to be successful more prominent names from the history of black American civil rights such as Martin Luther King Jr. joined and he became the public face of the campaign which was the springboard that launched his political career.

Although Jo Ann Robinson was one of the main organisers of the boycott she remained behind the scenes which explains her low profile in terms of being credited with the boycott's success. As you can expect from someone brave enough to organise this monumental protest she was great for a one liner also, so this is my list of 8 of the best Jo Ann Robinson quotes

Quotes About Jo Ann Robinson

Martin Luther King appreciated her input: "Apparently indefatigable, she, perhaps more than any other person, was active on every level of the protest"

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