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Iwan Bloch Quotes

Iwan Bloch
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Iwan Bloch
  • Born: 8th April 1872, Delmenhorst, Grand Ducal Oldenburg, Germany
  • Died: 21st November 1922, Berlin, Germany
  • Alma mater: Wuerzburg University, Germany
  • Occupation: Dermatologist, psychiatrist, sexologist and author
  • Famous for: He is quaintly remembered as the first Sexologist
  • Books: The Marquis De Sade His Life Works, The Sexual Life Of Our Time, A History Of English Sexual Morals, Sexual Life In England Past And Present, Marquis De Sade The 120 Days of Sodom
  • Trivia: He was instrumental in promoting the science of sexuality
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"In not making the decision, you've made one. Not doing something is the same as doing it"

Iwan Bloch

"It is a well known fact that when any extremity is amputated or any sense organ extirpated in childhood the corresponding centres do not develop"

Iwan Bloch

"The real origin of modern misogyny is Christianity, the Christian teaching of the originally evil, sinful, demonic nature of woman"

Iwan Bloch

"We are dealing with aberrations of the sex impulse which are found among all peoples, of every degree of culture"

Iwan Bloch

"There has never been an age that thought more purely and more healthily than ours with respect to moral impulses"

Iwan Bloch

"Marriage undoubtedly has an influence which tends to check the development of sexual anomalies"

Iwan Bloch

"What are the fundamental sources of these many aberrations of the human sexual impulse?"

Iwan Bloch

"Women are in fact pure sex from knees to neck"

Iwan Bloch

"They are a sexual surface or target; We have only a sexual arrow"

Iwan Bloch

"My former work upon this subject I now regard as inadequate, youthful and containing numerous errors"

Iwan Bloch

"A book can justly be called obscene only when it has been composed simply, solely, and exclusively for the purpose of producing sexual excitement"

Iwan Bloch

"We men have concentrated our apparatus in a single place"

Iwan Bloch

"The greater part of the perversions of the present day are not to be regarded as degenerations"

Iwan Bloch

"Culture and degeneration enter in only as influences favouring quantitive increase"

Iwan Bloch

"Woman is awakening to the entirely new existence of a free personality"

Iwan Bloch
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Iwan Bloch Biography

Iwan Bloch was a German psychiatrist who first introduced to the world the concept of the science of sexuality. Apart from the many books which he personally penned he also published (under the pseudonym Eugène Dühren) The Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom which recounted the sexual adventures of four degenerates cutting a trail of debauchery through eighteenth century France.

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Pseudonyms aside, his research and subsequent publications in his own name were extensive, he went to great lengths to study female sexuality, which in a climate of Victorian ideals was unprecedented. He considered prostitution to be an evil by product of a society gone wrong and studied it extensively in the hope of raising the status of women with a view to root out the causes of women turning to the worlds oldest profession.

Bloch studied the history of misogyny across cultures and religions and shared some views which some deemed controversial at the time. Even homosexuality came under the critical eye of Bloch who eventually came to the conclusion that homosexuality was not pathological and was a inborn disposition.

Although less well lauded for his trail blazing ideas that were well before their time, Iwan Bloch is still recognised as the first sexologist which led to a fascinating trail researching and compiling my list of 15 of the best Iwan Bloch quotes.

Quotes About Iwan Bloch

Dr Albert Eulenburg: "Bloch has assailed with weighty arguments, and - what carries yet more weight - with abundance of new data either entirely unknown before or insufficiently evaluated"

Edward Ross Dickinson: "Ewan Bloch delivered a denunciation of sexual disorder in 1907 that would have made any conservative Christian campaigner proud, deploring sexual anarchy, the "compulsive need for the greatest possible sensation," the universal desire for mere "entertainment," all the various institutions of urban nightlife, the modern "relationship," pornography, and so on and so forth as the "cancer of our society"

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