If Time Looked In The Mirror

A poem about the conscience of time

Michael Joseph FarrellyMichael Joseph Farrelly
If Time Looked In The Mirror - a poem by Michael Joseph

If Time Looked In The Mirror

A poem by Michael Joseph Farrelly

If time looked in a mirror
Imagine what it could see
Would it look away in horror
Aghast at its history

If time it had a conscience
What wonders it could do
The past may sit in silence
For the future would not rue

But time just stands there looking
It's all it ever seems to do
In action it is lacking
Ev'rything it seems it knew

Maybe time it is a mirror
Reflecting what you've done
Your life of trial and error
From karma you can't run

Great quotes are not where you find great wisdom. It's where you share this knowledge that counts

Sharing Is Caring

The Grand Scheme Of Time

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It matters not what the history books teach us, most of the annals of yesteryear were written by the victors jubilantly regaling their gains from the spoils of their wars regardless of the opinion of the vanquished. Valuable books and records were burned all in the name of the new regimes or religions that felt the need to extinguish any thoughts of rebellion whilst still fresh in the minds of the defeated. After a few generations all is forgotten and the "new truth" has been repeated so many times it becomes the legitimate narrative for all but one; Time.

Time cannot be cheated or lied to

The Greek tragedian Sophocles once said: "Time sees all things forever". Indeed it has seen every aspect of history, it is omni present in every moment and it lives on eternally through the reasoning of speculation.

Time is elusive as it cannot be captured in the moment of an event, it is relentless as it keeps moving despite what has been described as moments frozen in time.

Time can heal the sick but it also ages flesh and blood, it gives each person an finite span of years which is beyond miniscule in the big picture of time's chronology.

To most people time is the chronology of past, presence and future. Time is measured in life as it is in death, but the billions of people who currently occupy earth all pale into insignificance in the grand scale of time.


if time looked in the mirror a poem by Michael Joseph