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Diana Dors Quotes

Diana Dors
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Diana Dors
  • Born: 23rd October 1931, Swindon, Wiltshire, England
  • Died: 4th May 1984, Windsor, Berkshire, England
  • Resting place: Sunningdale Catholic Cemetery, Ascot England
  • Birth name: Diana Mary Fluck
  • Alma mater: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
  • Occupation: Actress, model and singer
  • Years active: 1947 - 1984
  • Marriage resume: Dennis Hamilton 1951 - 1959 (his death), Richard Dawson 1959 - 1966 (divorced) and Alan Lake 1968 - 1984 (her death)
  • Nicknames: The Siren of Swindon, The English Marilyn Monroe and The Blonde Bombshell
  • Height: 5' 5½" (1.66 m)
  • Trivia: She lied about her age and at 14 became the youngest candidate to successfully enrol at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Later, aged 20, she became the youngest registered owner of a Rolls Royce in England
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"There's nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of being wanted"

Diana Dors

"I am by English standards, a fairly flamboyant character ... I am paid large sums of money not because I look and act like the girl next door, but because my name is linked immediately with mink, fast cars and pink champagne"

Diana Dors

"I'm forty now and I can't go on playing good time glamour girls and tarts forever"

Diana Dors

"I've played my share of drunken sluts, good time girls, and whores. Being bumped off is really no novelty for me. I've been shot, hanged, strangled, gassed, burned to death, and even pushed off a cliff"

Diana Dors

"Quite frankly, in America, they've never taken me seriously as an actress. They had not seen any of my work I had done when I went over and signed a contract in Hollywood"

Diana Dors

"I was even forced to call a doctor to help me deal with him, for alcohol had unleashed a monster, uncontrollable and frightening" [about husband Alan Lake's drinking problem]

Diana Dors

"Having exhausted myself in the role of Jocasta, I returned home to find myself having to cope with the tyrant Oedipus again, only now in private"

Diana Dors

"The figure was fabulous, but my face was never much, little eyes and lips like rubber tires, I did well because I was the first and only British blonde bombshell"

Diana Dors

"When Marilyn Monroe's first film was shown here, a columnist actually wrote, 'How much like our Diana Dors she is'." [The Asphalt Jungle (1950)]

Diana Dors

"I fell for hard-luck stories the way boys fall for girls. To make things worse I surrounded myself with ­gangsters, conmen and phoneys"

Diana Dors

"I was married to a virtual stranger. It was so sickening that I began to hate ­Dennis almost as much as I hated myself for being so stupid"

Diana Dors

"They asked me to change my name. I suppose they were afraid that if my real name Diana Fluck was in lights and one of the lights blew"

Diana Dors

"I never fell in love with Dennis nor loved him in the truest sense of the word. Rather I was the fly caught in the spider’s web"

Diana Dors

"Really, out of all the films I've done, there are just a handful I can look back on and be proud of"

Diana Dors

"I was the first home-grown sex symbol, rather like Britain's naughty seaside postcards"

Diana Dors

"It really is terrifying how gullible and naïve I was and still am"

Diana Dors

"I'm the only sex symbol Britain has produced since Lady Godiva"

Diana Dors

"I based my career on sex: on men, sex and money, in that order"

Diana Dors

"It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice"

Diana Dors

"Life's too short for enemies"

Diana Dors
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Diana Dors Biography

Diana Dors was the buxom blonde bombshell who stepped into the Rank Organisation studios as a sixteen year old teenager and strutted out as a sexy siren of the silver screen. She had the looks of a screen goddess complete with the voluptuous figure combined with the bleached blonde locks, wanton eyes topped with fluttering spider eyelashes and the husky breathless voice of a teenage temptress.

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From her screen debut in 1947 she appeared in 11 movies before the turn of the decade, starting with bit parts Dors gradually progressed to be a leading lady and it seemed a glittering career was beckoning.

Diana had received excellent training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, all she lacked was the scripts to carry her talent to the next level, however getting good scripts did not appear to be on the agenda of any studio she worked for. She showed promise in the comedies "My Wife's Lodger" (1952) and "Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?" (1954) and when she changed track to drama Diana excelled in the 1954 film "The Weak And The Wicked".

It was clear the potential was there but then Marilyn Monroe wowed the world with her role in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in 1953 and from that moment on Diana Dors was labelled as the British Marilyn Monroe. As blonde bombshells go neither were the original as that title went to Jean Harlow in the 1931 movie "Platinum Blonde", but even though Diana pre-dated Marilyn as a peroxide blonde she spent the rest of the decade walking in the shadow of the Hollywood starlet.

Although Diana could not compete with Monroe's looks on screen she was far sharper and wittier than the screen legend and in May 1956 she signed a contract with RKO. In August of the same year a party was arranged for her to meet the press and a star studded line up of Hollywood's elite also attended. All was going well until a surge from the paparazzi pushed Diana, her husband Dennis Hamilton and two others into the pool, things then got ugly. Instead of emerging from the pool with some dignity and laughing it off Hamilton flew into a rage and beat up one of the photographers knocking him unconscious. The press had a field day and the Hollywood elite were not impressed, making it in Hollywood is extremely difficult at the best of times and in the long run this sorry episode was to cost Diana.

Filmed for RKO in 1956 but released in 1958 she was the leading lady in "I Married A Woman" starring alongside George Gobel who called her "a fine performer". In 1957 Diana starred opposite Rod Steiger in "The Unholy Wife" but the movie was unsuccessful at the box office, RKO had enough and terminated her contract giving her no choice but to sue, she won the case but agreed a reduced payout of $200,000 USD.

Hamilton was not just her husband he was also her manager who looked after everything, including the money. He looked upon Diana Dors as a 1950's equivalent of a lottery win and he showered her with bad advice in order to gain a quick buck at the expense of her career. It was Hamilton who guided her into an endless list of B movie scripts because he saw light entertainment as where the money was and turned down any good dramatic offerings. He was also both violent and abusive towards Diana and he thought nothing of placing her on a producers casting couch in order to secure her a role. Then there were his many affairs and the sex parties he introduced her to, eventually Diana left him and filed for divorce but Hamilton died from syphilis before the divorce proceedings were complete.

Diana remarried and toiled with movies throughout the sixties but seemed typecast as the dumb blonde or the harlot in supporting roles so she had to reinvent herself in cabaret, theatre and eventually television. With her ability to bounce back she showed a steely resolve and revealed a pragmatic nature that when combined with her sassy intellect created a personality in demand from television and loved by the tabloids.

Always glamourous Diana Dors typified being cast for her curvaceous nature rather than her human nature but in real life she was sassier, saucier and creatively smarter than any script she was ever given, just as her life was as complex as it was candid her talent was as misunderstood as her career was mishandled. It is a great credit to Diana that she bounced back after every setback and her legacy is more of a charming British cultural icon than that of a blonde bombshell forever in the shadow of a certain Ms Monroe. Off screen her mischievous wit made for some fascinating headlines that helped me to create this compilation of 20 of the best Diana Dors quotes.

Quotes About Diana Dors

The English critic Lynda Lee-Potter described her thus: "She was part of our culture as much as the monarchy, fish 'n chips, or Land of Hope and Glory"

The critic David Thomson gave this assessment: "Dors represented that period between the end of the war and the coming of Lady Chatterley in paperback, a time when sexuality was naughty, repressed and fit to burst"

The comedian Bob Monkhouse shared this observation about her infamous parties: "The awkward part about an orgy, is that afterwards you're not too sure who to thank"

The publicist Max Clifford didn't reveal too much: "There would have been parties from my younger days when I was friends with Diana Dors because Diana had parties. They were not orgies. Not everyone went there and took their clothes of"

The film historian Sue Harper once described her as: "A sort of Lady Docker of the screen"

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