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Zhou Xun Quotes

Zhou Xun
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Zhou Hun
  • Born: 18th October 1974, Quzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Alma mater: Zhejiang Art School
  • Occupation: Actress and singer
  • Box office: She is the most commercially successful actress in Chinese cinema's history
  • Voice type: Contralto, which is the lowest vocal range for female voices
  • Trivia: She is environmentally aware and buys hundreds of saplings which she plants every year in Inner Mongolia
Eco Cameron Inspired By Nature In Malaysia's Highlands

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"I will keep who I want to work with as my secret"

Zhou Xun

"Being an actress in China, I'm actually a very lucky actress... Especially now that Chinese movies are becoming more diverse with more viewers overseas"

Zhou Xun

"I think everyone can do his or her part for environmental protection. If you always have this idea in mind, it will become part of your life"

Zhou Xun

"The profession is about attitudes towards events -- it is a process to try to understand life"

Zhou Xun

"I love Qing Nu, the role I play in the Banquet. Her persistence for love touches me deeply"

Zhou Xun

"Horror films are a no-no for me. Other than that, I don't set any boundaries for myself"

Zhou Xun

"Chinese movies are becoming more diverse with more viewers overseas"

Zhou Xun

"As I got into filming, it made me more reflective about my own character"

Zhou Xun

"In China, we think that if you want something to happen, you don't talk about it"

Zhou Xun

"It's the same to be an actress anywhere because the profession is about attitudes towards events"

Zhou Xun

"I think everyone is trying to improve their shortcomings to become more wholesome"

Zhou Xun

"Our goal is to find a clever way to make green tips hip, fashionable and fun"

Zhou Xun

"I think there are many faces to everyone. I also have my bad sides"

Zhou Xun

"It's not easy for Chinese actors to do foreign films"

Zhou Xun

"It's not about the message, but the delivery"

Zhou Xun
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Zhou Xun Biography

Zhou Xun is an internationally acclaimed actress and singer who has won awards across Asia. She performed in a few minor roles before her breakthrough in the movie Suzhou River by Lou Ye which was a tragic love story set in Shanghai and released in 2000.

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Xun's next big role was in the 2002 movie "Balzac" and then the "Little Chinese Seamstress" and from there she entered the Hong Kong movie industry and was an instant hit with her role in "Perhaps Love" gaining her the Best Actress award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Zhou Xun's career has been interspersed with a variety of TV work which helped make her a household name in China. Back on the silver screen in 2012 she starred in "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" which was to become the biggest box office hit of all time in China grossing $110 million.

Xun is blessed with a Contralto voice which she has used to sing the sound tracks on many of her movies as well as releasing her own albums. She is is not shy to voice an opinion also so here is my compilation of 15 of the best Zhou Xun Quotes.

Quotes About Zhou Xun

The UN repredentative Khalid Malik shared this assessment on her environmental appointment: "Zhou Xun has set a good example in her own life to protect the environment that also impacts people around her. It only seems fitting that she has chosen to help the United Nations promote environmental awareness, in particular, on the challenge of climate change"

The critic Ada Tseng once described her thus: "Zhou's allure lies in her doe-eyed fragility and vacant glances"

According to the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Zhou Xun: "is a mix of a young Coco Chanel and Zizi Jeanmaire"

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