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Usain Bolt Quotes

Usain Bolt
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Usain St Leo Bolt
  • Born: 21st August 1986, Sherwood Content, Jamaica
  • Occupation: Sprinter and athlete
  • Specialist races: 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m relay: He won gold medals in these three events at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, repeated this achievement at the 2012 Olympics in London and again in the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro
  • Other sports: Bolt was an accomplished cricketer and is an avid fan of the English premiership football team Manchester United
  • Nickname: Lightning Bolt
  • Influenced by: Herb McKenley, Don Quarrie and Michael Johnson
  • Trivia: Usain Bolt regularly covers 100m in below 9 seconds in his relay split for the Jamaican relay team, he was timed at 8.70 seconds for the London Olympics relay

"You hardly ever get asked for autographs any more. It's always selfies"

Usain Bolt

"Easy is not a option..No days off..Never Quit..Be Fearless..Talent you have Naturally..Skill is only developed by hours and hours of Work"

Usain Bolt

"I would like to say something to Carl Lewis : I have lost all respect for him, all respect. Doping is a serious matter and to put doubts on an athlete really makes me angry"

Usain Bolt

"With us in Jamaica, running is a question of culture, like in Kenya for middle distance. As kids you dream of becoming footballers, we sprinters"

Usain Bolt

"This hat-trick is all his merit, it deserves these successes. We see that we are strong and it is also good for the future of the boys of Jamaica"

Usain Bolt

"I came here for the gold, now I'm a legend, I'm the greatest living athlete. I'm on the same level as Michael Johnson, a myth for me"

Usain Bolt

"When I present myself in a competition like this, I never think I can lose, but if it happens it wouldn't be the end of the world"

Usain Bolt

"Mario Balotelli is a great player, he never misses a penalty ... but a little too aggressive for my taste"

Usain Bolt

"I don't think limits"

Usain Bolt

"When I was young, I didn't really think about anything other than sports"

Usain Bolt

"I want to be among greats Muhammad Ali and Pelé"

Usain Bolt

"Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible"

Usain Bolt

"I stopped worrying about the start. The end is what's important"

Usain Bolt

"Women always find you out when you lie. Always. No matter what, they always find out. They're like detectives"

Usain Bolt

"The place I get recognised the least is the United States. America is not so big on track and field"

Usain Bolt

"I can't really live outside Jamaica. I can be away, but only for a while"

Usain Bolt
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Usain Bolt Biography

During his athletic career Usain Bolt was the Jamaican running machine that dominated the 100m and 200m for nearly a decade while persistently breaking world records and accumulating gold medals.

Many in his homeland of Jamaica recognised the potential of Bolt and turning professional in 2004 came with a high expectation. However niggling injuries curtailed any chance of building momentum and confidence so he had to wait until 2007 to grasp the taste of success with medal winning runs in the Jamaican championships and Osaka world championships.

This was the springboard Usain needed to take his sprint career seriously and during 2008 the gold medals started to come with times edging closer to world records in both the 100m and 200m.

The Beijing Summer Olympics was when the whole world stood up to take notice of Usain Bolt, not only did he win gold medals in both 100m and 200m he broke the world record in both events also, this made him the first sprinter since Don Quarrie to simultaneously hold both world records.

Bolt went on to repeat his gold medal haul in the 100m and 200m at the 2012 London games and the 2016 Rio De Janeiro games meaning he became the first athlete in history to complete this amazing feat. There was more because Bolt actually achieved a triple triple gold medal haul for sprinting because he was also a member of the Jamaican sprint relay team that won gold medals at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 olympics.

Not many people are prepared to disagree when he is lauded as the greatest sprinter of all time and it is refreshing to note he is a laid back character that does not carry the arrogance of many other historical sporting legends. He may be a relaxed character but he is still good for a quick one liner so here is my compilation of 16 of the best Usain Bolt quotes.

Quotes About Usain Bolt

Barack Obama put his achievements into perspective: "No one has ever been faster than this, nobody, of all the billions of people"

The writer Frankie Boyle was impressed to say: "I thought Bolt was amazing, I mean, beating the world record and slowing down at the end, how galling has that got the for the other athletes? I never managed to do anything in 9.69 seconds, it took me ten seconds to watch him do that"

The retired sprinter Carl Lewis was sceptical: "When people ask me about Bolt, I say he could be the greatest athlete of all-time. But for someone to run 10.03 one year and 9.69 the next, if you don't question that in a sport that has the reputation it has right now, you're a fool. Period"

The Italian sports commentator Franco Bragagna was in exhilaration mode: "9 "58! 9" 58! We are in another dimension! We are on another planet! We are in another dimension! World record! ... Gentlemen, another era has begun. The era has begun, welcome to this, the era of Usain Bolt"

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