Throw Me A Lifeline

A poem about despair and reaching for hope

Michael Joseph FarrellyMichael Joseph Farrelly
Throw Me A Lifeline - a poem by Michael Joseph Farrelly

Throw Me A Lifeline

A poem by Michael Joseph Farrelly

Throw me a lifeline, I'm here in the dark
See me I'm here, I lost sight of my spark
I'm drowning in words, never to be read
I'm frowning at thoughts, never to be said

Throw me a lifeline, my mind cannot park
Hear me I'm here, a lost voice in the dark
I'm singing my lines, never to be heard
I'm rolling in verse, it's all so absurd

Throw me a lifeline, just say it or bark
Feel me I'm here, a lost mind is so stark
I'm lost in my world, never understood
I'm failing at life, ne'er back to the good

Throw me a lifeline, I can't find my ark
Taste me I'm here, my blood scent to a shark
I'm losing my grip, can't see a way back
I'm looking for friends, to cut me some slack

Throw me a lifeline, send hope with a lark
Touch me I'm here, you can help make your mark
I've lost my way, but there's always a chance
With your kindly hand, I'll bounce back and dance

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"Throw Me A Lifeline" - My Inspiration

You have to live through the downs of life to understand the depths of despair that unleash the demons of madness upon your soul of life.

There is always light at the end of every tunnel, mostly it cannot be seen but only visualised in your Pandora's box which I interpret as being at the bottom of your mind.

The meaning I derive from this is you have to plumb below the depths of despair where all that is left is hope and to actually feel that hope a trigger is needed and that trigger is usually kindness. Hope is not something that can be turned on like a tap, but, sometimes a kind gesture is all that is needed for hope to light a flicker at the end of the darkest of tunnels.


throw me a lifeline a poem by Michael Joseph Farrelly