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Sugar Minott Quotes

Sugar Minott
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Lincoln Barrington Minott
  • Born: 25th May 1956, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Died: 10th July 2010, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter and record producer
  • Stage name: Sugar Minott
  • Instrument: Vocals
  • Genre: Reggae, roots and lovers rock
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"Prince Buster was the god of dance hall when I grew up"

Sugar Minott

"I decided to stop with Studio One and get together with some musician friends I knew a long time, pay them on trust and form a company called Black Roots production and Youth Promotion"

Sugar Minott

"So wi trying to computerise the catalogue but some a the things, like getting a good lawyer and publisher, really hard fi implement"

Sugar Minott

"I sing all kinds of songs. Political songs, lovers rock, dancehall, soul. I can identify with different kinds of people"

Sugar Minott

"I started singing when I was about 12, in an amateur talent festival near where I lived in Maxfield Park in Kingston"

Sugar Minott

"I was just following this music thing all the way, I admired people like Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown and Delroy Wilson"

Sugar Minott

"Wi been licensing music over the years an' getting some (financial) advance, but nuthin' big in terms of royalties"

Sugar Minott

"I was the first person to take the old Studio One beats and use them again over new vocals"

Sugar Minott

"I’m the originator of dancehall, I didn’t switch to dancehall, I made it"

Sugar Minott

"I was never thinking of making hits - I was thinking of making songs"

Sugar Minott

"I & I organisation is strictly non-political, even rasta religion, we naw try ram it down no one throat"

Sugar Minott

"I got an A in starvation, I pass my grades in sufferation"

Sugar Minott

"Got to keep on slaving inna babylon"

Sugar Minott

"Half a love is much better than no love at all"

Sugar Minott

"I try not to be a specialist"

Sugar Minott
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Sugar Minott Biography

Sugar Minott was a Kingston born reggae star with Jamaican music in his blood who released nearly 40 albums spanning four decades in a successful career on both sides of the Atlantic. His biggest UK hit got to number 4 in the charts in 1981 with his smooth cover version of the Michael Jackson song "Good Thing Going".

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Sugar followed that up with a successful album bearing the same name. The 1980's were a good decade for Minott as he was a pioneer of the Jamaican dance hall music that proved a popular sound as he built a large following.

Minotts breakthrough in the 1970's came under the wing of Studio One's Coxsone Dodd, he also gained experience working with Sly & Robbie and later he he did good work nurturing young talent like Junior Reid and Tenor Saw.

Sugar continued to record music and perform live right up to his early demise in 2010, gone but never forgotten his music is his legacy and his influence on the dance hall scene has inspired generations of new musicians.

His warm persona mixed with his creative talent meant he was always good for a one liner or two, so this is my compilation of 15 of the best Sugar Minott quotes.

Quotes About Sugar Minott

The critic Erin Sheehy was impressed to say: "It was his hustle and charm, cultivated in the highly competitive and wildly energetic Jamaican dancehall, that endeared Sugar to the world"

The reggae star Junior Reid paid a fine tribute: "Sugar Minott was a man who gave a lot of strength to the music although he got no love from the business"

I got an A in starvation, I pass my grades in sufferation