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Ruben Gonzalez Quotes

Ruben GonzalezSorry folks, I could only find two Ruben Gonzalez quotes. I will keep looking and if I find any more I'll add them to the database.
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Ruben Gonzalez Fontanills
  • Born: 26th May 1919, Santa Clara, Cuba
  • Died: 8th December 2003, Havana, Cuba
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Years active: 1937 - 2002
  • Soundtracks 5 credits: Born Romantic, The Sopranos, The Lost City, Dexter and The Rum Diary

"If I can't take a piano with me to heaven, then I don't want to go"

Rubén González

"Just play your own style, whatever it is, but don't imitate anyone"

Rubén González

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Ruben Gonzalez If I can't take a piano to heaven I don't want to go