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Robert Durst Quotes

Robert Durst depicted in prison
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Robert Durst
  • Born: 12 April 1943, New York City, New York, U.S.
  • Occupation: Real estate
  • Famous for: Heir to the Durst real estate empire
  • Notorious for: His involvement in several murder investigations
  • Trivia: It was claimed by Durst's defence during the Morris Black trial that he suffered from Asperger syndrome

"I am not guilty. I did not kill Susan Berman"

Robert Durst

"They’d never met anything like me before, this guy with piles of money and terrible manners. I used to feed the dog while I was sitting at the table. I used to talk about making love to Kathie at the dining-room table in front of her mother"

Robert Durst

"They never found the head. I have no idea why. I do know that there must have been 15 garbage bags full of body parts and other stuff with blood on it or whatever, and they found 12"

Robert Durst

"She never filed for divorce. She wanted a child, to have children, and she wanted me to not always be the dominant one, to not always make all the decisions in the marriage"

Robert Durst

"I didn’t know anybody but Morris Black. And we were both loners and had some strange things in common and didn’t do much"

Robert Durst

"With Susan, I’m ready to go before God naked and say, ‘I didn’t know nothin'"

Robert Durst

"I did like guns when I was a little kid, I remember that"

Robert Durst

"I didn't tell the whole truth. Nobody tells the whole truth"

Robert Durst

"What the hell did I do?"

Robert Durst

"Killed them all, of course"

Robert Durst

"I wasn’t used to somebody questioning my veracity"

Robert Durst

"I was the worst fugitive the world has ever met"

Robert Durst

"I was hoping that would just make everything go away"

Robert Durst
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Robert Durst Biography

Robert Durst was born into a wealthy American real estate family and grew up in Scarsdale, New York before attending Lehigh University where he received a bachelors degree in economics. He gained a reputation as a mild eccentric and as his life progressed controversy always seemed to follow his every footstep.

He has been subject to numerous police investigations including being convicted of dismembering the body of his Galveston neighbour Morris Black. Durst avoided a murder conviction by claiming he acted in self defence during the struggle in which Black died.

The disappearance in 1982 of his first wife Kathleen McCormack has kept the finger of suspicion pointing at Durst for decades and despite many investigations being conducted into him charges have never been filed.

Quite bizarrely Robert Durst appeared in a TV documentary called 'The Jinx' in the hope he could improve his public image but subsequent to this he was charged with the murder of his old friend Susan Berman. One sentence near the end of The Jinx helped to seal his fate when he announced "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course". However it has since been admitted that this quote was actually two separate comments that were edited and made to look like one sentence.

There were of course other quips he has famously uttered over the years so this is my compilation of 13 of the best Robert Durst quotes.

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Investigating Detective Struk said of the missing Kathleen McCormack Durst: "We still never had a crime scene, never had a body"

When investigating the HBO documentary 'The Jinx', the journalist Charles V. Bagli reported that: "Durst’s remarks were significantly edited; rather than being consecutive, the two sentences had been plucked from among the 20 in his rambling remarks, and presented out of order"

A producer on 'The Jinx' Zac Stuart-Pontier was quoted as saying: "We put the line ‘killed them all’ at the very end of the last episode to end the series on a dramatic note, not to link it to any other line. It didn’t occur to us that other journalists would connect it with ‘What the hell did I do?’ There are actually 10 seconds between the two lines, and I think the experiences of reading it and hearing it are very different"

Robert Durst quote