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Queen Rania Of Jordan Quotes

Queen Rania Of Jordan
  • Mini Bio
  • Name: Rania Al Yassin
  • Born: 31st August 1970, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Alma mater: The American University in Cairo
  • Occupation: Queen, author, human rights and education advocate for the people
  • Title: Her Majesty The Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Trivia: She is active on social media using accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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"We are stronger when we listen,and smarter when we share"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Through civil war and armed conflict, unemployment and forced displacement, Arab women are digging deep to hold their families together in the most testing conditions"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"It's not about me being a role model, but about empowering people and making them believe that they can be role models and leaders for change"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Some people find this hard to believe, but my absolute least favourite thing is to be the centre of attention"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Empowerment is contagious - I see it lighting up the faces of our youngest girls"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Educate a woman and you educate her family. Educate a girl and you change the future"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"You cannot kill an ideology with a bullet. You can only kill it with a better idea"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"It’s about using social media for social change: Creating a community of advocates who can use their voices on behalf of the voiceless"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"When you solve somebody else's problem, you're solving a problem for yourself because our world today is so interconnected"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Islam neither requires one to be practicing, nor to dress in one way or another"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Imposing the veil on a woman is contrary to the principles of Islam"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East takes guts, not guns"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Good teachers teach. Great teachers transform"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"If one girl with courage is a revolution, imagine what feats we can achieve together"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"I don't believe there is a clash between cultures. I believe there is a clash between perceptions of each other"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Travellers are the greatest ambassadors of tolerance"

Queen Rania of Jordan

"Twitter can help change the world"

Queen Rania of Jordan
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Queen Rania Of Jordan Biography

Queen Rania Of Jordan is a breath of fresh air in a world obsessed by mistrust and fuelled by ignorance. Hers has been a patient voice rallying for the Jordanian people and advocating education as the path to improvement of their status. Her standing has grown since she became queen and people have realised she is not just a pretty face but an articulated level headed leader who talks a lot of common sense.

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The media having discovered this and make requests for interviews on a range of subjects she holds dear to her heart. Queen Rania has shown a deep dislike for war and violence as she has long advocated for peace and has even been quoted as saying; "To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East takes guts, not guns", wise words indeed.

She is a peoples queen and she quite rightly takes delight when the Jordanians mention her in this light. She is active on social media where she expertly uses these as tools to disseminate useful information to her millions of followers.

Queen Rania is also an accomplished author penning four books with her childrens book "The Sandwich Swap" topping the New York Times best sellers list in May 2010.

Queen Rania is active on the international stage with her educational initiatives and selfless work for Unicef. Many royals around the world are aloof and elusive to share their opinions or their advisors beg them not to for fear of causing upset so it is a welcome change that Her Majesty The Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is so open with her views.

As an articulate intellectual and compassionate Queen she is also media minded for an excellent one liner, so this is my compilation of 17 of the best Queen Rania Of Jordan quotes.

Quotes About Queen Rania Of Jordan

The writer Antonio Ferrari paid her this tribute: "You are a brave woman, a born optimist"

The journalist Yasmin Faruki was impressed to say: "Beyond her reputation as a global leader and advocate, Queen Rania has skillfully leveraged her background in technology to build a remarkable social media presence"

The writer Brittani Barger talked about her global presence: "The Queen is also one of the most active royals on social media. She has an official Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Instagram. She also has an official website separate from her husband, where people can find out more about her, her initiatives, and advocacies"

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